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My time is now! My time is now! My time is now! 0

There's plenty of passive skills to unlock & grow, but they rarely amount to much.If you've played one, you've played 'em all, and even if you haven't played one, chances are high that you're well aware of the seemingly never ceasing assembly line of Koei's Warriors games. The latest in the original franchise of this conglomerate, being Dynasty Warriors, continues on the series current-gen trend of amplifying the amount of flash that occurs on screen, and, well... not much else. If anything ...

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Dynasty Warriors 8 is the best entry in the mainline series to have ever been conceived. 0

I first discovered the Dynasty Warriors franchise through Dynasty Warriors 4. It was one of my first imported games from America (I had an imported PS2 because I wanted to play Suikoden III at the time), and I was in love with the open-scale battlefield and the amount of soldiers you could hack down. It managed to make the player feel like an over-powered battlelord that could only be touched by other battlelords. The game was brilliant fun. It’s pretty crazy to think that we are only on number ...

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