3 New Missions for DW Gundam 3 on XBL Marketplace

#1 Posted by mrangryface (832 posts) -

At this point I think theyre just jumbling the words in the same title. ;-) That said I'm pumped even though I still havent finished all of the missions from the last DLC- any mission involving keeping some pilot alive is kind of a groaner. Mostly because in my experience the AI has a nasty habit of engaging the enemy HQ without defenses being lowered- and eating an enemies musou attack. On hard mode even a level 50 pilot in a maxed Unicorn cant save a dumb AI partner easily.

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my experience with this game is 100% from the quicklook but in previous gundam games the missions lacked variety, felt almost like the same handful of objectives on different maps, what do these missions add in way of value for the game? Just new maps?

#3 Posted by mrangryface (832 posts) -

Mostly difficulty. I think of them mostly as an extension of the Challenge Mission category that ships with the game- focuses on end-game levels of difficulty, but it doesnt force HARD mode like the challenge missions. It isn't a game changer- so if you dont have that itch for MOAR, i'd ignore them.

#4 Posted by CharAznable (808 posts) -

Even after playing this for over 120 hours, getting all the achievements, and generally loving every DW: Gundam game, I am still not compelled to buy all of this DLC. $1 for each extra mission? Do they even do anything exciting with the setting or structure of the missions to make them worth buying?

And isn't the DLC for characters/mobile suits like $6 per? Eff that, man. Char Aznable/Zeta Gundam 4 lyfe.

#5 Posted by mrangryface (832 posts) -

Char in his Zaku II is kinda nuts in 3- the speed bonus is INSANNNNNNE

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