Strikeforce 360

#1 Posted by i2xi (2 posts) -

Hey there.
I'm looking for DW: Strikeforce players, since the survers always seem to be dead when I try to start up Multiplayer. So thought I'd start a post up here, see how many Strikeforce players are out there. lol.
If anyones up for a game then my XL tag is i 2x i.
Feel free to add me if ya want a game sometime, just remember to tell me where ya found my tag otherwise I'll be all confused and might not accept . :P

#2 Posted by CharAznable (797 posts) -
@i2xi: Hey man, are you still playing the game? I started playing it recently, and it's pretty damn fun. I'm around level 30-ish, and if you want to play some time my GT is ShinigamiBV. I could use a little help with some of the harder missions, like the gigantic animals.

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