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Title screen.
Dynasty Warriors is a fighting game released by Koei for the PlayStation in 1997. It spawned the Dynasty Warriors name, but is vastly different from the franchise most know it as. Nonetheless, it retains the same Three Kingdoms storyline and many of the more popular characters such as Zhao Yun, Zhou Yu, and Xiahou Dun.


The gameplay in Dynasty Warriors is similar to Soul Calibur or Soul Blade. Two warriors square off with their weapons in a 3D arena, performing special moves and combos. Introduced here as its super meter is the Musou gauge, which allows for more powerful attacks.

Japanese release

The disparity between the numbers of the Dynasty Warriors franchise in Japan and elsewhere is due to this first title being named "Sangoku Musou" in Japanese and Dynasty Warriors 2 named "Shin Sangoku Musou." Subsequent Shin Sangoku Musou sequels were thus numbered "one behind" Western releases.

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