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South Hall

E3 1999 marked the return to the show's original home, the Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown L.A. While the show had always been designed to put a spotlight on the games industry, the light was a bit brighter this year for the wrong reasons. Just a few weeks prior, the terrible events of Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado had taken place, and the media was quick to point fingers at the gaming industry as a bad influence. Several companies shut their booths to any reporters and several shooter games were only shown behind closed doors.

Sega came to the show with the Dreamcast in full force and announced the release date of 9/9/99 and the low price of $199.99. They also announced that it would come packed with a 56K modem for online play, the first console to achieve such a feat. Sonic Adventure, NFL 2000, and Ready 2 Rumble got their share of attention, but the real star of the Dreamcast was the absolutely stunning port of Soul Calibur.

Sony Booth

Sony did not come empty handed though. They countered Dreamcast's wave of excitement by debuting the Next Generation PlayStation, which had just been announced a few months before the show. Sony promised graphics that matched what would at the time only be possible in cut scenes, and demonstrated this with a real-time version of Final Fantasy VIII's ballroom scene. In the center of Sony's booth on the show floor was a large, silver pyramid, where attendees could play with tech demos or even try their skills at Gran Turismo 2000 running on the Emotion engine.

Nintendo also officially announced their next console at E3 '99, codenamed Dolphin. Not many details were given, and it was apparent that their focus was primarily still on the Nintendo 64, which was showcasing titles such as Perfect Dark, Donkey Kong 64, and Super Smash Bros.

Memorable games from this year's show included Valve's Team Fortress 2, which would not be seen again for many years. There was also Power Stone, Deus Ex, Max Payne, Unreal Tournament, System Shock 2, Shenmue, Final Fantasy IX, and Freelancer.

Show Floor

E3 1999 - West Hall
E3 1999 - South Hall
E3 1999 - Kentia Hall

Games of the Show

South Hall

The games listed below not only include those playable on the show floor, but any game referenced at the show. This would include video presentations, announcements, advertisements, or any other official reference to the game from its developer, publisher, or platform. They are listed mainly according to the publisher of the game, with a few exceptions where the publisher did not attend the show. An example of this would be a hardware company such as Nintendo or nVidia showing a game not developed or published by them. In several situtations, games either changed their title or even their publisher before they were released. For historical accuracy in chronicling E3, such games will be listed with their original names and publishers, and linked to the corresponding page of the final game.


  • Voodoo 3 series graphics cards

The 3DO Company

Acclaim Booth


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater


Thousand Arms



Blizzard Entertainment



Capcom Booth


Eidos Interactive

Eidos Booth

Electronic Arts


Fox Interactive

Fox Booth

Gathering of Developers

GT Interactive

GT Interactive Booth




Konami Booth




Midway - Michael Buffer


Soul Calibur






Sega Booth




Sony Booth


Squaresoft Booth



Tiger - Booker T



Working Designs

Game Critics Awards

The Best of E3

The Game Critics Awards are decided by an independent group of North American media outlets. They have selected the most promising games of each Electronic Entertainment Expo since 1998, and have thus become recognized as the most respected "Best of" awards that come out of the annual show. Games qualify for nomination by having hands-on playable versions of the game at the show.



Best of Show



Best Console Game



Best Fighting



  • Riva TNT2 - NVIDIA
  • Runner Up: 3dfx Voodoo 3500TV - 3dfx


Best Hardware











  • 3dfx
  • The 3DO Company
  • 3VR, Inc.
  • 4DRulers Software, Inc.
  • 989 Studios
  • Abject Modernity Internet Creations Inc.
  • Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences
  • Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
  • Accolade, Inc.
  • ACT LABS Ltd.
  • Action Zone LLC
  • Activision
  • Addictive Media
  • Adventus, Inc.
  • Aegisoft Corporation
  • Agetec, Inc.
  • Alias/Wavefront
  • Aludra Software, Inc.
  • Americ Disc, Inc.
  • America Online
  • American ANKO Company
  • Apple Computer
  • Apptastic Software
  • Arc Media, Inc.
  •, Inc.
  • Argo Electronics
  • Atlus Company, Ltd.
  • Attica Interactive Ltd.
  • Aureal Semiconductor
  • Beamscope Canada Inc.Behaviour Interactive
  • Benwin / Kwong Quest, LLC
  • Bert-Co Graphics
  • BFD Productions/Speer Communications, Inc.
  • Binarystar Enterprise, Inc.
  • BLAZE Magazine
  • Blue Byte Software Inc.
  • BradyGAMES
  • Brighter Child Interactive
  • BSG Laboratories, Inc.
  • Bungie Software
  • Cakewalk
  • CAN Technology Company Ltd.
  • Cavedog Entertainment
  • CCL
  • CDV Software GmbH
  • CG CG, Inc.
  • Chaman Productions
  • Channel M
  • Chips & Bits
  • Codemasters
  • Colorado Technologies
  • Compact Media, Inc.
  • Computer Friendly Stuff, Inc.
  • Computer Game Developers Association
  • Computer Services & Software Association
  • Connectix
  • Cosmi Corporation
  • Coulomb Electronics Ltd.
  • Crave Entertainment
  • Creative Edge Software Ltd.
  • Creative Labs, Inc.
  • Cryo Interactive Entertainment
  • Cyberactive Media Group, Inc.
  • Daydream Software
  • DeLorme
  • Details Magazine
  • Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Digital Addiction
  • Digital Innovations
  • Digital River, Inc.
  • Dimension Publishing, Inc.
  • Disc Makers
  • discreet monsters
  • Disney Interactive
  • DK Interactive Learning
  • Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation
  • Dynamix
  • eGames, Inc.
  • Egmont Interactive
  • Eidos Interactive
  • Electro Source, Inc.
  • Electronic Arts
  • Ellis Enterprises
  • Elpin Systems
  • Empire Interactive
  • Emplast
  • Encore Software
  • Engineering Animation, Inc.
  • EnPack
  • Entertainment Software Rating Board
  • Ensprit Development Corporation
  • Fire International
  • Fox Interactive
  • France Edition
  • French Pavilion / CFME ACTIM
  • Fujimic, Inc.
  • Game Cave
  • Game Informer Magazine
  • Game Source Inc.
  • Game Source International
  • GameFan Magazine
  • Games Trader, Inc.
  • GameTronics
  • Gathering of Developers
  • GBC Custom Products Division
  • GraphicCorp
  • Gravis
  • Gremlin Interactive Ltd.
  • GT Interactive Software Corporation
  • Guillemot International
  • H a
  • Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.
  • Hasbro Games
  • Hasbro Interactive
  • Havas Interactive
  • HEAT.NET: a SegaSoft Network
  • Hemming GmbH
  • Hercules Computer Technology, Inc.
  • Honey Bee Industrial International Ltd.
  • Hong Kong Manufacturers Ltd.
  • HOT-B USA Inc.
  • Humongous Entertainment
  • Hunsaker Manufacturing Company, Inc.
  • I-Design
  • IBM
  • ICTV, Inc.
  • Ideas That Play Entertainment Inc.
  • IDG Games Media Group
  • Imagine Media, Inc.
  • Immersion Corporation
  • IMSI
  • Independent Games Festival
  • Infinite Loop
  • Infogrames Entertainment
  • Information Packaging Corporation
  • Inner Workings
  • Innovation
  • Integral Media
  • Intel Corporation
  • InterAct Accessories, Inc.
  • Interactive Light
  • INteractive Magic
  • International Purchase Systems
  • Interplay Productions
  • IPD
  • ITE Media
  • Jaleco USA Inc.
  • Jensen
  • JoWood Productions
  • Jupiter Communications
  • KBGear
  • Kesmai Corporation
  • Khaoscape International Software
  • KOEI Corporation
  • Konami of America, Inc.
  • Korean Games Promotion Center
  • Kutoka Interactive
  • Leader Visual-Audio Production
  • The Learning Company, Inc.
  • LEGO Media International, Inc.
  • Lernout & Hauspie
  • Lionhead Studios, Ltd.
  • LMP USA Inc.
  • Logitech Inc.
  • Lucas Learning, Ltd.
  • LucasArts Entertainment Company
  • Macmillan Distribution USA
  • Macrovision
  • Mad Catz Inc.
  • Magicomm
  • Manitek Corporation
  • Marjacq Micro Ltd.
  • Mars Publishing
  • Masco Entertainment World of Games
  • Matrox Graphics, Inc.
  • Mattel Media
  • MCV USA, Inc.
  • Media Brands, LLC
  • Media Create Company, Ltd.
  • Media Group, Inc.
  • Metropolis Digital, Inc.
  • MGI Software Corp.
  • Miacomet, Inc.
  • Microids
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Midas Interactive Entertainment
  • Midway Home Entertainment
  • Millennium Publications
  • Miller Freeman Game Group
  • Mindmaker, Inc.
  • Mindscape, Inc.
  • Mixx Entertainment
  • Monarch Interactive
  • Mondo TV S.R.L.
  • Monolith Productions
  • The MOtion Factory
  • Motorsports Simulations
  • MPS Multimedia, Inc.
  • MRT Technology LLC
  • MUltimedia 2000
  • NAKI International
  • Namco Hometek, Inc.
  • Nanotainment
  • Natsume Inc.
  • Navarre Corporation
  • Neoplex Entertainment
  • Neurosmith
  • NewKid Company
  • Niceway International LTD
  • Nikita Games
  • Nimbus CD International, A Technicolor Company
  • Nintendo of America, Inc.
  • NK Star
  • NovaLogic, Inc.
  • Nuby
  • nVIDIA
  • Nyko
  • Octagon Entertainment
  • OPTEC Company, Ltd.
  • Optimax
  • Oquirrh Productions, LC
  • Oxford Softworks
  • Padix, Inc.
  • Pantelos GmbH
  • Patch Products
  • Performance Capture Studios
  • Pioneer Entertainment
  • Piranha Interactive Publishing, Inc.
  • Pride Interactive Media Accessories
  • Prima Publishing
  • Psygnosis Ltd.
  • QuickShot Technology, Inc.
  • Red Lemon Studios
  • Red Storm Entertainment
  • Reel Entertainment in Digital
  • Resource Media Distribution
  • Ripcord Games
  • RITEK Corporation
  • Rocelco Inc.
  • Rolling Stone Magazine
  • ROM-MAN Distribution
  • RunAndGun! Inc.
  • S.I. Jacobson Manufacturing Company
  • S & I Marketing Inc.
  • Saitek Industries Ltd.
  • Sanyo-Verbatim CD Company
  • Saturn Five, Ltd.
  • School Zone Publishing Company
  • SCI Ltd.
  • Scottish Enterprise - Scottish Game Alliance
  • Sega of America Inc.
  • Sierra
  • Simon & Schuster Interactive
  • Simutronics Corporation
  • SmartSource, LLC
  • SMEC Media & Entertainment Corporation
  • Snaptron, Inc.
  • SNK Corporation of America
  • Snotragg Productions
  • Softstar Entertainment, Inc.
  • SOFTWARE 2000
  • The SOftware Video Company
  • Sonic Foundry
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.
  • Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
  • Sound Source Interactive
  • The Source Magazine
  • SouthPeak Interactive
  • Specialty Store Services
  • SpectraVideo USA, Inc.
  • SPIN
  • Squaresoft / Square EA
  • Star City
  • Stealth Productions, Inc.
  • Steel Monkeys, Ltd.
  • Strata Distributing
  • Strategic Marketing Partners, Inc.
  • Strategic Merchandising Partners
  • Suncom Technologies Inc.
  • Sunflex
  • Sunflowers GmbH
  • Sunrise Packaging
  • Sunstorm Interactive
  • SVG Distribution
  • Taipei Hsien Computer Association
  • Take-Two Interactive Software
  • Technos Hungary
  • Tecmo Inc.
  • Telefilm Canada
  • Tension Envelope
  • THQ
  • ThrustMaster Inc.
  • Tiger Electronics
  • Tips & Tricks Magazine
  • Titus Software Corporation
  • Tomato Land Display Systems, Inc.
  • Torus Games
  • TOSA International, Inc.
  • Transparent Language Inc.
  • Turtle Beach Systems
  • U.S. Games Distribution, Inc.
  • Ubisoft Entertainment
  • UGO Networks, Inc.
  • United Game Source
  • Univenture, Inc.
  • V*Star, Inc.
  • Vatical Entertainment, LLC
  • Versaware Technologies, Inc.
  • VIBE Magazine
  • Victory Multimedia
  • Video Game Liquidators, Inc.
  • Video System USA, Inc.
  • VIS Interactive plc
  • Vorton Technologies, Inc.
  • Voyetra Technologies, Inc.
  • VR-1 Inc.
  • VTechSoft, Inc.
  • Warner Bros. Consumer Products
  • Wave Systems Corporation
  • WaveTop
  • WIT (World International Trading)
  • Wizards of the Coast
  • Working Designs
  • Wrebbit Interactive
  • XI Intellectual Capital Inc.
  • Yobo Gameware Company
  • Z-Best
  • Z-Products
  • Ziff-Davis Publishing
  • Zowie Intertainment Inc.

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