Where will you be watching the E3 live stream ? (mostly)

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It's gonna be GT for me cuz they're... thee Video-content website for Video Games ! 

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G4TV most likely.  I'll just lay in my bed and watch it, just like I did last year.

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@JJOR64 said:
" G4TV most likely.  I'll just lay in my bed and watch it, just like I did last year. "
it's not a porno you know.. 
Why G4TV ?
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@Ahmad_Metallic:   Cause I have the channel in my room.
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Wish I had G4. But probably Gamespot and only because I've watched it there every year just about.

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1up, cause i like fat chicks

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Gamespot, GT never loads for me, ign is always a min or 2 of sync. Live in the uk so tv is almost out of the picture.

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I was originally planning on using GT. But I'm not sure what is best really. So I'm gonna experiment during the Microsoft conference, I guess. 
Oh, and GT because I'v always enjoyed their high def content. So I guess I'm hoping the stream decent looking as well. 

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Ign, Mostly because the people at Gamespot who run the live stream for the past couple years are either apes, or rookies because you would have to refresh the stream half the time because it would cut out from time to time. Ign...Not so much. 
But I think gamespot does a better recorded version, so for the microsoft one, gamespot, nintendo and sonys on IGN. 
For all the best shit you want to hear inbetween, Giant Bomb of course.
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Considering ill be asleep when its on I don't think I'll be watching it at all.

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I won't be. sleep is good, and if I woke up i'd only get 4 and a half hours of it.

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I will first go to Gamespot but the site will probably crash so I will try either iGN or GT
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GameTrailers most likely, because they've got good video coverage ofmost things. However, if there's something wrong with the feed, I'll take my bandwidth elsewhere.

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@Ahmad_Metallic said:

" It's gonna be GT for me cuz they're... thee Video-content website for Video Games !  Edit: PLEASE TELL US WHY YOU CHOSE WHO YOU CHOSE. "

I agree. I have to say when GiantBomb started I was hoping that they were going to become the No.1 video-content gaming website. There's still time though... 
Which site streaming the Press Conferences will have the highest bitrate? I want the highest quality stream, don't really care where I get it. 
I'd like some site streaming this thing to use some form of p2p sharing technology. It's not even the future, it's the technology to use today.
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Either on Gamespot or on TV. Gamespot is pretty good with it, but I've heard GameTrailers is good, too...
...I wonder where I heard that?

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Fox8 in Australia is playing it live at 3:30am in the morning.

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I'll jump between them until I work out which one is the best quality.. 
so probably Gamespot or GameTrailers

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Watched it on G4 last year, will probably watch all of it on Gametrailers this year.

#21 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

IGN probably.

#22 Posted by Whisperkill (2969 posts) -

G4 so I can watch in on TV and the couch. 

#23 Posted by Bluethunder35 (336 posts) -

Here, I guess. I plan to watch all three live.

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I'll be watching it on Gamespot. I remember last year I did have a few connection issues so I had to switch to Game Trailers or G4 for parts of it but the ads plastered over Game Trailers during last years E3 were pretty distracting.

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Gametrailers most likely.

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Depends on who has the better stream.

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All of them simultaneously.

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Live Blogging on Gamespot.

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Probably gametrailers or spike tv.   
Gamespot was pretty horrible for the stream last year. I'm not sure if the site was getting pummeled but I remember having to go somewhere else to avoid the issues.

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@schizogony: Hope that's a joke since aren't most of the feeds rebroadcasts of the Microsoft one?
I'll probably be watching the TWiT feed for the Microsoft event since they're starting coverage a good hour or so before the Press Conference and they'll be doing metacoverage during the actual event.
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Im sure some crazy fool will be trying them all and will make a thread here tiering the most reliable spots.

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I was gonna go with Gamespot because they seem decent enough, but then the stream took the entire first demo to start so I switched to Game Trailers.

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GameTrailers site has choked, as has G4tv's web page, and I don't have Cable or Satellite, so G4TV and Spike TV are out - so for the moment I'm going with GameSpot for now, depending on the video quality I get.

I'd prefer GameTrailers though, they had good quality on the Microsoft press conference (which I didn't catch in its entirety, as I had to leave partway through). 
EDIT: Also, apparently 1up isn't streaming the EA press conference.

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Was the IGN feed really choppy at times or is it my Uni's shit internet connection? I assume it's the latter but I'd like to be sure.

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The IGN - Youtube live stream as that's probably the most reliable and efficient.

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