E3 2011 Day One: On Da Floor

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(I originally wrote this as a blog and I'm too dumb to figure out how to link it after the fact)

Hi! I went to E3 today. I was on the show floor and I meandered. I will talk about things I saw and/or played, as much as I can remember them in the order I played.


Star Wars: The Old Republic - Something deep within me told me I had to endure the line to see this game, so I did. Two hours. Fuck, remind me not to do stupid shit like that. I'm not press. If I go back another day, there is no way I am standing in a line that long for Battlefield 3. ANYways.

The game is okay. It's an MMO. I played some sub-class of the Imperial Agent that had a bunch of knife attacks and also some stealth and guns? Weird. Whatever. Player motion felt pretty good, which is always important for an MMO. Picked up a quest on Tatooine, ran around killing stuff. Everyone has a pet in the form of a companion. They work, for the most part. I stealth, they stealth. I had a little hovercart that I piddled around in. There was a Sith in a cave crying about something, so I shot him in the face.

I dunno - I'm not into the whole super voice acted MMO. When I play an MMO, I want to get involved with systems and stuff. It felt like it was there, but I didn't really have time to get a good handle on it with the limited time available.

Ghost Recon Online - This seemed like a pretty cool game. I walked up and played a 4v4 match against the Frag Dolls (lol). I was presented with an option to pick one of three classes, so I picked Assault. Each one has a 'class ability', and my class ability was I pulled this tech armor shield off of my back and charged forward, which allowed me to get right up to the front lines pretty easily, as well as flank behind all the other players that were kind of cowering in cover.

I also had time to customize my weapons before the match, which had some sort of a currency system associated with it. No idea how that will work with the in-game currency stuff, but it seemed pretty straightorward. Extended mags, longer barrels and the like.

The match that started was a Domination match that started with a chokepoint on a bridge. I ran up and defended it for a while, and killed one or two enemies that ran up. My teammates got their bearings pretty quickly and caught up, and we pushed them into the second checkpoint towards their base. The rest of the match revolved around that area, with me getting picked off occasionally by a sniper, but otherwise laying into them with grenades and gunfire pretty heavily. The guns felt pretty good, and the cover systems worked well. It felt solid overall.

We ended up pushing them back into their spawn and winning. One of the Frag Dolls called me a spawn camper. Deal with it?

TERA Online - This game is still looking good. I played it last year, and I played a bit in the Korean Open Beta (couldn't understand a word!) - I played a higher level character this time. It's twitch, you click and you attack. The attacks feel super solid, and unlike games such as Vindictus, it's a full persistent world, unlike the lobby-based dungeon crawlers. Super interested to see how the PVP and dungeon content work out in this game.

Minecraft Android - I played this at the Xperia Play booth. I ran around and spelled Non with blocks. It works! The phone itself is actually super slick. It's tempting.

Lord of the Rings: War of the North - The media lady who helped me get started on this was incredibly friendly. She gave me a wristband for some press event with free booze that I regret forgetting what it actually was. The game, thankfully, was also pretty fun.

I played as a dwarf, and I was with an elf and a human (shock of shockers). I had an axe and a shield, and I ran around being better at the game than the other people I played with. There is loot, there are talent trees, and it seems pretty competent. It's from a third person over-the-shoulder perspective, but it does feel much like a spiritual successor to Champions of Norrath and Dark Alliance. Dunno how deep the loot will go, but I saw what appeared to be suffixes and colored items, so we'll see!

Our human's 360 crashed, oops. But I summoned a giant eagle and it ate a troll, and we won. Yay!

Warhammer 40K: Kill Team - It's a twin stick shooter. But you're a marine and there are orcs? I dunno. Seemed okay.

Bastion - Oh, Bastion. I friggin' love the Supergiant Games guys. If you are reading this and you don't know who they are, go watch the Building the Bastion videos here on the site to learn about the development process behind Bastion. They were all incredibly nice to me, and Jen was especially nice for helping me get another chance to play after I got booted off for press. Twice! I met all of the team and they were incredibly friendly and positive.

Also, hey! The game is pretty damn good! I have a sweet spot for games that let me roll around like a crackhead. The rolling will let you break little blocks and stuff, too, since it does a minimal amount of damage. The mix between melee and ranged combat works out incredibly well. I didn't get too much of a chance to mess with the upgrade stuff, but the tonic system seems pretty cool, and all the weapons I used felt definitively unique. I would go as far as to say that if you were to create a Zelda-style game in the isometric Diablo mold, you might get something pretty similar to Bastion.

In a side note, the Bastion booth attracts all sorts of industry luminaries. While I was there, I was able to meet Notch (Minecraft), Tim Schafer, and Ken Lavine. Strange.

Payday: The Heist - I knew nothing about this going into the show. There were a bunch of European developers for this walking around in crazy looking clown masks, so I had to go see what it is.

It's a PC and PS3 game that looks kind of like Left 4 Dead, but replace the zombies with cops, and puts you in an objective-based environment. The individual players would have to do things like erase the security camera footage, use the thermite to burn through the ceiling of the vault, and stuff the money into bags. The entire time while this is happening, the cops are sending in normal police officers, SWAT team officers, cops with riot shields, and so on. You can help downed members up, replenish ammo and health from duffel bags throughout the level, and so on.

How exactly this is an MMO, I'm not sure, but there was a level in the lower left corner, and they didn't go into anything in regards to the persistence. The game seems pretty fun on its own, though, so I'm definitely interested.

Raiderz - This is a Korean MMO by Perfect World. It's like a less polished Tera? I killed a troll and he dropped a club. I picked it up and started hitting a dragon in the face with it. The dragon's horn broke off, and I picked it up and began stabbing him with it. I have no idea what is going on with this game. Someone demoing the game to me was insisting that their three-tier talent tree lets you make your own custom class, but it kind of makes me feel like they only have one class with three trees. I dunno. Weird game.


That's about it. The SW:TOR line sucked up all my time because I am an idiot and hey if you go never do that the end.

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