E3 Catchphrases

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So what are some catchphrases that we'll hear this year? It can be from any of the big 3 (MS, Sony, Nintendo) or third parties...

I'm going to guess a few about entertainment... "More entertainment, in more places." "Great hardware, great software, Nintendo"

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I really hope Reggie says "but that's not all" again.

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I hope we hear more "transfarring" from Sony.

Or an admission that it's a spelling mistake.

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"Anything that happens to our system isn't our fault, go pick on someone else" - Sony

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"I hope your bodies are ready."

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Microsoft: "Continued support for Kinect."  (expect to hear this between and during every single reveal, even when what they're showing has nothing to do with Kinect)
Nintendo: "See? Touchscreen! Coool, you guys! You guys, coooooooool!" *to be read in "happy Cartman" voice* 
Sony: "Oops."

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Bam, there it was.

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"But don't think we've forgotten the core, because we are proud to announce that coming THIS YEAR, Bowser Jr. will be getting his OWN puzzle game on the Wii."

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"With the Nintendo Nintendo, Nintendo will bring the magic of Nintendo to your Nintendo"

Then they show a 3DS glued to a Wii, using a DS Lite with the top screeen snapped of as the controller.

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I hope "strap it on" becomes big this year. C'mon Nintendo.

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775 Million Dollars.

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"Lightsaber On"

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"Fist bump" wins.

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BLUE 42 

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@InfiniteGeass said:

"I hope your bodies are ready."

Now THAT'S a quote from Reggie

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I better see Kaz come out with the NGP and announce a new RIIIIIIDDDGGEEEEE RAAAAAAACCCEEERRRR!!!!!

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"I've gotta get out of here!" - Lara Croft, 2011 (over and over again)

#18 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -

"Fist bump" -two creepy kids

#19 Posted by Lunar_Aura (2824 posts) -

"This is... (pause) so cool!" -Kid who should be jammed in a waffle iron.

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Shit I can't remember it now.... something along the lines of

"you search it, xbox finds it"

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"Unleash the simulated family"

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@drhans said:

"I've gotta get out of here!" - Lara Croft, 2011 (over and over again)

Oh god this.  
The game looks fantastic, but MY GOD, they need to cut down the Lara lines. 
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you search it, xbox finds it you search it, xbox finds it you search it, xbox finds it you search it, xbox finds it you search it, xbox finds it you search it, xbox finds it you search it, xbox finds it you search it, xbox finds it you search it, xbox finds it you search it, xbox finds it

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You are the penis

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@Mr_Skeleton said:

"Fist bump" -two creepy kids

Man that was grotesque, i'm sure i won't be able to sleep tonight.
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@Crash_Happy said:

"Fist bump" wins.

That was the one that caught my attention.  I see a new meme on the horizon.
EDIT:  Gotta a new one from the EA conference.  "Cross your thumbs!"
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Epic, awesome, fun! - Mass Effect 3 MS conference 2011

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In the interest of time - Call of Duty, all of them.

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"Look, We hear you." - Reggie Fils-Aime

this is my new favorite one of the show.

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What about the "Rambo feature" on the Wii U controller...

Or the fact that the Wii U supports "10 adp video" (or was that graphics?)

Those were my faves from today.

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Nice job, Jeremy.

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"It'd look a little something like this! doodoolo doo doo"  - Mr Caffeine

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Nice job, Jeremy.

This was also a great one!
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Deeper and Wider

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