Giant Bomb at E3 2011: Day 00

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Finally. :D

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Day 00 Coverage!

Ice-T is lookin' kinda old...

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Hell, it is about time.

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fuck yes

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@jorbear said:

Hell, it is about time.

Quoting SC2... Dude... :D
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Oh, cool, I can work on that quest set now.

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Wahey, finally. Vinny doing what he does best, editing in stupid things.

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The Life Aquatic visual reference? Giant Bomb, I love you.

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22 minutes? God damn, that's awesome.

EDIT: It's funny that they're talking in front of Jefferson Street.

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Jeff - total poker face.

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@dragonguyx said:
Get that quest yeah? 
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Yay, just finished up last nights livecast (I dropped out after 4 hours and went to bed this morning), perfect timing!

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"Will this be up after the Ubisoft Press Conference? Yeah? OK. Yeah, Ghost Recon looks terrible".

Thank you, Jeff.

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"People will buy that console just to buy all those games." Brad, you're crazy.

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great edits and cuts.

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Drew looks ready to choke a bitch.

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Wait... Do i hear the Gamespot music 12 minutes in this video? Well, i don't know the origin behind it so.

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Brad is onto something. They're not making games any more...  
@dragonguyx: Haha.
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Lol @ the end.

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No Ubi? :(

I wanted fresh reactions to the antics of Mr. Caffeine... but Drew at the end made up for it.

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Was that serial rapist Drew?

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Why isn't Patrick in the promo?

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Drew Scanlon disapproves of burlesque!

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Hardcore Drew

A Giant Bomb E3 EXCLUSIVE!

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What an amazing ending. I always knew Drew was a psychopath.

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Badass Drew!

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oh drew

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lol I love the editing 5*       =D

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Drew! You gave me such a fright! :3

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Are they going to have a separate video bitching about Mr. Caffeine (and Ubisoft I guess :P)

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Great wrap-up and really well edited.

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Great video!

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You don't need that Sony TV to play same screen/full screen multiplayer and co-op. Other 3D TVs can do it as well.

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Drew giving the Danger Eye, lol.

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The intro just proves that Drew finds child like wonderment in UNDERWATER CERTAIN DEATH SITUATIONS! The look on his face gets me everytime. XD

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Drew lol

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Poor Star Wars: The Old Republic got the shaft.

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Drew won the video again :D

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Best ending ever lmao. Who knew Drew was a serial killer. :p

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These "GB at E3" videos where the guys just talk about stuff are honestly my favorite part of E3.

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Thumbs Up! lol

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Drew haha

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Love these videos, they're the highlight of E3 for me behind the bombcasts.

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