No Kevin Butler this year?

#1 Posted by Gabriel (4067 posts) -

Anyone think he's done like Marcus the PSP mascot? If he is, it was nice knowing you KB you brought credibility to Sony's marketing, something someone hasn't done since that guy who dressed up in that Crash Bandicoot costume and drunkenley harrased Nintendo's office.

#2 Posted by rmanthorp (4009 posts) -

Yeah I was wondering why he didn't appear the whole Sony PC seemed just slightly off this year, like they had a new director haha 

#3 Posted by Toms115 (2316 posts) -

hope they're done with him. he was funny but it couldn't last forever.

#4 Posted by damswedon (3196 posts) -

Don't tell the same joke to the same guys twice.

#5 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6320 posts) -

I didn't even notice that until I saw this.
I guess I don't care that he's gone then.

#6 Posted by luce (4045 posts) -

They did the right thing. They brought him in last year because it was sort of unexpected but thats done 
Hopefully they freshen up their marketing campaign now 

#7 Posted by greennoodles (404 posts) -

Wait no more Marcus? I was looking foreword to "Vita, it's the business!"

#8 Posted by RecSpec (3853 posts) -

He was still pretty relevant at last year's e3. But it has dropped off and dropped off. I think the last funny ad he did was for Gran Turismo 5.

#9 Posted by benjaebe (2783 posts) -

They missed an opportunity to throw him under the bus for the PSN fiasco and make a show out of "firing" him. I appreciate that Trenton wanted to talk about the issue in a serious fashion, but Sony's press conference could've certainly used a little more humor or something instead of Mix Master fucking Mike.

#10 Posted by shadows_kill (3165 posts) -

He was the only thing missing from the press conference. Then again I haven't seen him since last year really. I wish he'd come back cause those where the best commercials on tv. 

#11 Posted by Beforet (2929 posts) -

The little joke in the beginning was fine enough, having the mascot come out to drop some one liners about beating up hackers, while awesome from my perspective, probably would have gone over the line with a lot of people. I guess they have quietly retired him.

#12 Posted by TheHBK (5508 posts) -

Kevin Butler died in a drive by in LA.

#13 Posted by drag (1223 posts) -

he was on his last legs as a concept even last year  
and this conference was much more low-key as a whole (in the presentation) as well .. no time for novelties or ice-cream trucks

#14 Posted by ShaneDev (1696 posts) -

Yeah he should remain in the TV ads since I thought last year he went on a bit long and his bit was getting tired. All he did last E3 was rip into MS about kinect which has since turned out to be a bigger success than Move, so what could he really talk about? Certainly not the PSN outage, thats way to serious to make jokes about. He's good in short bursts like in the ads. I hope Marcus died along with the PSP and PSP Go.

#15 Posted by Lunar_Aura (2779 posts) -

@ShaneDev said:

I hope Marcus died along with the PSP and PSP Go.


#16 Posted by canucks23 (1087 posts) -

They didn't bring him out because the character isn't funny anymore.

#17 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11306 posts) -

I think Kevin Butler is still really funny. His commercials are great. I can see not trotting him out though. They had other stuff to discuss.  

#18 Posted by Gabriel (4067 posts) -

David Jaffe should be the new Playstation Mascot.

#19 Posted by natetodamax (19212 posts) -

Thank god they're done with Marcus.

#20 Posted by wefwefasdf (6729 posts) -

I was somewhat disappointed. Kevin Butler even sent me a message on Twitter. :(

#21 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18954 posts) -
@natetodamax said:

Thank god they're done with Marcus.


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