The E3 2011 Live Stream Thread

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Below are the archives of all the press conferences. See you next year!

Giant Bomb's E3 Coverage

Duder, it's over... watch what you missed below!



GameTrailers - Split up into multiple parts. Look at the sidebar on the right for links to the next part of the video.






GameTrailers - Split up into multiple parts. Look at the sidebar on the right for links to the next part of the video.






GameTrailers -  Split up into multiple parts. Look at the sidebar on the right for links to the next part of the video.




GameTrailers - Split up into multiple parts. Look at the sidebar on the right for links to the next part of the video.

Ubisoft - Uplay

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Great work! 5PM PT is 1AM UK time

Mods, sticky this thread!

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Found a good time zone converter site. Simply click "What Time Is That For Me?" to figure out when the live streams start in your country. You can also adjust it by city if you want.

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Not having to bounce from one thread to another as with the various fighting game stream threads will come in handy, nice job.
Very curious to see what Konami have got on offer. If Mark MacDonald is translating for Hideo Kojima during his on-video appearance does that mean that it'll be done live and that the usual translator Aki Saito is at E3? Maybe he's over for Pro Evolution Soccer/Winning Eleven related stuff. It may even be a pre-recorded video on Kojima's part, would love if someone could confirm for me.

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Konami is 2 AM for me, seems I'll have to wait for tomorrow. :/

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#7 Posted by shinigami420 (640 posts) -

Fuck The konami things starts at fucking 2 am guess i will have to stay up late today 

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I approve of this thread! 

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We're going to make threads for each press conference that will have link to live streams in them but I'm going to sticky this to the E3 2011 board.

edit: Also, I think Konami are live streaming their conference themselves here.

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@mracoon: Thanks! 
All press conferences and time zone converting links have been added. I will add all known streaming locations a little later today.
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Great idea, excellent work!

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isnt GameTrailers streaming come of the press conferences as well?

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@Vito_Raliffe:  You're quickly becoming one of my favorite members of this community, Vito :) 
You're a very handsome man, too. 

Great job!  
i won't be needing this thread personally since i have all five conferences bookmarked (from Gamespot) but this is very helpful for those who can't find them
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As far as I remember it wasn't possible to watch the livestreams in Europe, did that change?

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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
@Vito_Raliffe:  You're quickly becoming one of my favorite members of this community, Vito :) 
The first post has been updated with a bunch of stuff. 
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It's very disappointing Sony are putting their keynote on so late this year, I was looking forward to their NGP stuff but now it'll probably be the only keynote I don't watch. 
I know they can't suit everyone in the world, but it seems odd they've gone for a time that's totally unsuitable for most of the world.

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Anyone able to access's E3 page? It's not working for me.

#19 Posted by Marino (4766 posts) -

@Vito_Raliffe: Nope.

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Apparently GameTrailers is streaming it. Watch it here
Edit: It's not a live conference, but a pre-recorded show.

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The Konami section has been updated again. Use the one of the first two links to watch the show!

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Sweet ass thread, mad helpful bro.

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@Turbo_Toaster: Word up!

I'm going to be finalizing it over the weekend, just in time for Microsoft's conference!

Edit: Oh, and Konami's own site is working now.

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Great thread, very useful for quick checking of the hectic schedule appproaching. Great work duder, you've just made me even more hyped for Monday.

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Added a few more links for each of the streams. Besides some formatting issues we are good  to go! 
Edit: The thread is done.  

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EA and Ubisoft are streaming their own conferences. Added links for both.

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I have Direct TV so I can't watch the shows live on G4 anymore so this will come in handy.  Thanks.

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Why is Microsoft and EA the only ones going to be on Spike? Is G4TV going to be doing something? 
EDIT: I also looked on my cable box for Microsofts press conference, because I'm going to be gone at that time, and I don't see anything.

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This may be a dumb question, but do we know how long Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo's conferences will last?

#30 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5463 posts) -
@FluxWaveZ: Yep! (Right side)
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@Vito_Raliffe: Oh, cool. Thanks a lot!
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Thanks so much for the links, guys! Much appreciated!

#33 Posted by KaosAngel (13764 posts) -

Hell yeah, caught the topic as it hit 666 views. Cathryn is the devil!

I'm joking.

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I think I'm in love with the OP.

#35 Posted by Master_Funk (741 posts) -

So excited. 5PM onwards UK time is gonna be spectacular

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@dudeglove said:

I think I'm in love with the OP.

Aw, shucks! 
Added Sony's own live stream. I will be adding more TV info soon, too.
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@100_Hertz: I know! 
Mine's way better, though. He totally should just link to this thread!
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Cannot wait for this, thanks for the links! I used to forget about the time zone differences, when I was younger. Total bummer when you're sitting around for an hour wondering what the deal is, only to remember that it starts at 9am in California and not New York.

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@Vito_Raliffe said:

Mine's way better, though. He totally should just link to this thread!

I totally told him that, then put a link to you and this thread in there. Justice will be served! No more walking over the little man!

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@Matthew: Yeah, I saw that! Thanks!
I've went ahead and added a YouTube link for all the conferences. It's ran by IGN, but I figure I should provide as many options as possible. I am going to look more into G4's TV schedule and add info for that later tonight. 
Edit:  A link to a list of all Giant Bomb's E3 coverage has been added to the top of the post. It is just a link to the E3 2011 wiki where Marino links everything at the top of the article. 
I also started the archives section titled "Duder, it's over", which is where live streams that have finished will be moved to. I just moved Konami there, and the press conferences will be listed in alphabetical order in this section instead of the order they aired. 
Edit 2:  Added links for Hulu (they are using G4 for streaming).
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Just finished adding television information. Spike will be airing Microsoft and EA, while G4 will be airing everything else. 

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Edit my jerkiness: For some reason, Ryan's twitter didn't show up in my Giant Bomb following thing. Live stream is actually coming?

#44 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5463 posts) -
@Duffyside: They should be testing their equipment later tonight, but there's no ETA right now. It will probably be a while.
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Thanks for this handy topic, duder!

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Great thread, will help  immensely! Thanks duder!

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@Vito_Raliffe: Thank you very much for putting this together. Especially with the time zone converter!

Any idea if one can watch the live streams on an AppleTV? I would love to watch stuff on the big screen!

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@Vito_Raliffe: Will you be adding links to the GB end of day streams after they happen? I wanna be able to watch them in case I miss one.

Also, awesome thread :)

#49 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5463 posts) -

Microsoft's conference starts in two hours!

#50 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5463 posts) -
@FinalDasa: Sure! I will add them at the top of the post. I'll go ahead and add the one they did last night.

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