The E3 2011 Live Stream Thread

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#51 Posted by FinalDasa (2370 posts) -

@Vito_Raliffe: Awesome! Thanks again duder.

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#52 Posted by Wuddel (2297 posts) -

@Vito_Raliffe: Kotaku just posted a handy time zone table. But I can not work the Table Editor here on GB.

#53 Posted by TepidShark (1300 posts) -

Oddly Spike in my dorm room, despite being in Oregon, gets the east coast feed. G4 did the same thing when I used to get that. So, if I was to watch them on TV they would come on 3 Hours later then there supposed to. Sticking with livestreams, thank you.

#54 Edited by CharlesAlanRatliff (5703 posts) -

OK, all links have been verified/updated for Microsoft's conference. 38 minutes left! 
10 minutes to go! Please be sure to let me know if a stream isn't working. A couple of the links are region-locked, but just tell me if something is actually down so I can mark it. Thanks!

#55 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5703 posts) -

Microsoft's conference is over. I will now be updating the first post with what sites have it archived.

#56 Posted by TheJohn (566 posts) -

Thanks, duder

#57 Posted by umdesch4 (787 posts) -

Last year, somebody made an awesome torrent that had all the pressers, as 720p mp4 files. That made my day. I hope that happens again!

#58 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5703 posts) -

All the streams for today are now over! See the first post for the archives.

#59 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19816 posts) -
@Vito_Raliffe: Thanks a lot for this thread! It's been way useful.
#60 Posted by prokofjev (18 posts) -

Great job with this thread, cheers...

#61 Posted by DrMcKittrick (264 posts) -

None of those links are streaming the MS press conference after it's over. Is there any place to download the press conferences?

#62 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5703 posts) -
@DrMcKittrick said:

None of those links are streaming the MS press conference after it's over. Is there any place to download the press conferences?

Both the and GameSpot links have the Microsoft conference play when you click on them:


#63 Posted by evilmax17 (64 posts) -

@Vito_Raliffe: Great job on this thread! It's been very useful so far.

#64 Posted by umdesch4 (787 posts) -

Quick note: The Gamespot feed of the MS presser is much higher res, and seems to stream quite a bit smoother than the G4 one, so I'd go with that one if you can't decide.

#65 Posted by umdesch4 (787 posts) -

Seems the site won't let me send PMs this morning, so I'll say it out loud (directed at DrMcKittrick, above) :

Are you on Demonoid? I got in touch with a user on there yesterday (GeneralTso294) who created a torrent last year of all the pressers in 720p as mp4 files. I asked him if he was going to do the same again this year, and he said:

"I'm gonna try, keep checking my posts, I should have something up tomorrow after the Nintendo Press Conference."

I'm waiting for that, since I'm very sorely unimpressed with the poor quality of what's being archived online this year. Gamespot seems to have the best quality feeds of everything (at least high-def enough to read all the text on the screen), but even DownloadHelper can't seem to grab those properly, and they're missing part of the Ubisoft conference, and the first 2-3 minutes of the Sony one. <sigh>

Please let me know if you find a good source yourself, and good luck!

#66 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5703 posts) -

15 minutes until Nintendo starts!

#67 Posted by TheJohn (566 posts) -

Thanks for bothering with this @Vito_Raliffe. This is my go-to thread for E3 coverage

#68 Edited by datarez (698 posts) -

I saw the GT.TV schedule says they're done with daily live streams. It's been fun watching in the gb chat. Anyone know which sites are going to be doing all day live streams again today?

Edit: Looks like G4 doesn't start till 6p eastern.

#70 Posted by Fattony12000 (7927 posts) -

They're up and running now!

#71 Posted by datarez (698 posts) -

@Fattony12000: Thanks!

#72 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5703 posts) -

OK! This thread has been updated and finalized. All the links you see at the moment are working archives, and all the ones that weren't working were removed. There should be enough links for you all to watch/re-watch the press conferences.  
I won't be updating this thread again! 
If life allows it, I shall do this again in 2012. Take care!

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