Who had the best conference?

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I vote Nintendo because there overall show was better presented than the other two, and they had more games I cared about.  
Sticky this?

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I liked the orchestra and the games were interesting to me. I fell asleep during Sony's and Microsoft made me hate everything Kinect.
You forgot to include Ubisoft and EA.

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Even though no one still knows what the hell happened, Nintendo managed to have the most entertaining conference...

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I'd say Nintendo. With all the announcements and introduction of a brand new console, they were the ones that impressed me the most.

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Anyone who says Microsoft is a liar, an idiot, a Microsoft employee, or all three

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obviously nintendo. 

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Everything about Nintendo made me happy except for the stupid Wii U name.

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Sony, by far. And even then, no one had anything on EA.

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Nintendo by default.

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Putting aside the WII U Annoucment, i just thought Nintendos conference was better layed out, lack of cheesy jokes, just straight to the point

A highlight for me as a Zelda fan was the Orchestra at the start.

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Nintendo was the most entertaining, but I agree with HandsomeDead that EA's killed all others. Just fantastic game after fantastic game.

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Nintendo, without question. It's hard to top a new home console reveal, especially one as impressive looking as the Wii U.

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Strange that there were literally zero new games announced for the Wii. 

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Nintendo, the stuff they do gets my attention.

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Correction: Konami's "Pre-E3 Conference" was by far the most entertaining to me, especially at 3am in the morning...

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Who the fuck are you people not voting Nintendo?

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I would say the Nintendo because of the WiiU, but they literally showed nothing about it. Also the stuff they announced, like EA games coming to the new console including stuff like Darksiders 2, really wasn't that exciting because it is just playing catch up with Microsoft and Sony. I was more happy with Sonys conference because they showed new gameplay of new games that looked great, while still showing us new stuff. Also they gave much needed details on the PS Vita.

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Sony.  Microsoft was all about Kinect, and Nintendo was confusing and the new console didn't seem that awesome.

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@Hizang said:

@Twitchey said:
You forgot to include Ubisoft and EA.
No I did not, I did not miss them outif I ever intended to put them in it, its my poll...

you just hate the french don't deny it


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Microsoft was the most relevant to me, but Nintendos' conference made want to go get a 3DS right now.

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Ubisoft, tbh. They had more games I cared about.

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Totally Nintendo.  The conference itself was competent and at the end of the day, it's going to be the Wii U that everyone is talking about, I think the Vita just got drastically over shadowed by the Wii U.

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Sony, the Vita's price sold me. Also Uncharted 3 looks amazing. 

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People are saying Nintendo? We got a cluster fuck of a new console announcement that just made more questions, long drawn out bits of nothing and a weak game line up.
Sony wins easily and I don't even own a PS3.

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I'm going with Nintendo's conference, it just interested me the most and of course, LUIGI'S MANSION 2! Microsoft's was boring and mostly about kinect, and I don't even have an xbox. Sony's was alright but there were only a few things that interested me. Although the new Nintendo console confusion and the name is something that is bothering me. But still, I changed my side thingy just because of Luigi's Mansion 2.

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Vita was cool  
but that new PS3 3DTV was awesome! 
co-op without being split screen is fucking GENIUS.  
and its a great price you get the tv, an hdmi chord, and Resistance 3 for $499. not bad.  
and overall I'd say nintendo did the most wtf shit so it wins but I think Sony had a  great show. MS was just a bunch of lame kinect stuff that was almost entirely scripted. the MW3 intro was excellent but its a multiplat. and uh... yeah not much excitement at MS dude. 

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From the 3 in the poll Nintendo. 
From EA and Ubisoft 
Can't decide. :<

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Nintendo for me. I like the idea of a tablet controller. It was a very confusing conference though. I saw an interview with Reggie on G4 and he explained why they didn't concentrate on the console. He basically said Nintendo wanted to put the new controller out there and that the console isn't being released until next year.

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EA's was the best software-wise. 
Nintendo's was the best overall. They had more cool exclusives than Microsoft and Sony, and the WiiU seems incredible. Also, they had a goddamn orchestra playing Zelda music.

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@gorkamorkaorka said:

Who the fuck are you people not voting Nintendo?

People who don't care about Nintendo like me.

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Hated them all, all very lifeless. Why can't they get someone with a personality up on that stage? The suits sound so scripted, give me a real person thinking up things to say without having rehearsed every aspect of it.

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It's pretty close between Sony and Nintendo. Sony delivered the software. Nintendo delivered the hardware. Microsoft was just terrible!

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@Ventilaator said:
Anyone who says Microsoft is a liar, an idiot, a Microsoft employee, or all three
Why? (not saying I did)
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Sony by far. MS only showed lame Kinect games and multi platform games. Nintendo only talked about the controller and showed a couple of trailers for games for multiplatform games coming to their new console.

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EA because it was (almost) all about the games

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@mutha3 said:
@Ventilaator said:
Anyone who says Microsoft is a liar, an idiot, a Microsoft employee, or all three
Or he/she is currently holding a podcast with two microsoft employees.
Kinda covered that with "liar", I think :P
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Microsoft was a kinect Snooze-fest and child actors? com'on! 
Sony had a good run of it with the Vita  
Nintendo had the most entertaining conference by far, live orchestra and it didnt feel as rushed.

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Reggie walking out on he stage was pretty dope.

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Yeah imo this year was Nintendo >>>> Sony >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MS

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Sony. Nintendo could have been best, but I feel like they didn't do a good enough job explaining the WiiU.

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nintendo, sony and ea are all tied for me, all had games and consoles i was interested in buying and am excited about seeing more of.... microsofts was just lame

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Sony, no question.

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Ubisoft for the obvious reasons of unintentional comedy and complete anger and annoyance.

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Sony, by far.

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Sony.  They had the best games, PS Vita price was great, great games on both systems, great announcements.  Talked about move which was good. 
Microsoft.  Had good games, Kinect stuff.  Star Wars sucked ass.  Halo announcements.  It was ok 
Nintendo.  Showed off good stuff for the 3DS, Wii U actually looks really cool but wondering about the cost of the controller. 
Winner?  Sony.  The Wii U was cool but there were so many questions to be answered and no real games for it yet.  Res on controller and the system?  Cost of the controller.  Blu Ray?  Online stuff?  Hard Drive?  They need to tell us more to be impressed.  The controller is cool but we have an idea of what can be done since the DS.  Give us the details that will convince us it is worth it to get into it.   Sony gave the right price for the Vita.  MS was good just nothing really compelling.  They have the games and thats all we could ask for.  It doesn't give them the best press conference, but will give them the best year. 
Nintendo will not have the WiiU out yet and 3DS games are still not there, Sony has good games but no word on release for the Vita and they may launch in the US in 2012.  So all they have this year is Uncharted... for me anyway.  Also, it is clear they are making the same mistake with Vita, the idea of switching between Vita and PS3 is awesome, but to expect us to pay for both?  Dumb.  Yeah, MS walks away with the best outlook for 2011, and thats what matters right now.

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