Who had the best conference?

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#151 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

Nintendo seems to be the winner.

#152 Posted by FlamingHobo (4511 posts) -

Nintendo & EA.

#153 Posted by Wolverine (4282 posts) -

Microsoft was by far the worse. I literally fell asleep in the middle of it and woke up towards the end.

The Sony conference was my favorite. I really can't wait for the PS Veta to come out (and I think I'm in the minority for liking the name Veta). At $250 it is definitely affordable.

The Nintendo conference was disappointing for me. I guess I was expecting something different from there next generation console. The basic concept of the Wii U makes me feel uncomfortable.

#154 Posted by JFetch (119 posts) -

Everyone went the safe route this year. Microsoft actually showed more than anyone else but it was 90% Kinect. Nintendo showed very little but announced a new console(controller). If it wasn't for the price of the Vita Sony would have been a total snoozefest. It's a very subdued E3 this year.

#155 Posted by nickystixx (184 posts) -

Nintendo. They announced not one but two new Super Smash Bros. games!

#156 Posted by AnimalFather (800 posts) -

MS = F 
Sony= B 
Nintendo = -A
#157 Posted by NickL (2247 posts) -

I voted microsoft, but I only watched Microsoft, Nintendo and Ubisoft

#158 Posted by Soap (3641 posts) -

This year was pretty fail all the way round, if I was pushed however I would say Sony, some of the Vita stuff seems pretty interesting, unlike the Wii U which, well words can't describe how stupid that thing looks.

#159 Posted by Bigheart711 (1240 posts) -

Nintendo. This E3 wasn't that much for me. :/

#160 Posted by DG991 (1340 posts) -

@Twitchey said:

You forgot to include Ubisoft

Clearly the winners.

#161 Posted by coolwhip83 (88 posts) -

Nintendo. MS was just terrible, for E3 at least. A very large portion of the people attending E3 are gamers and gaming media. They don't give a damn about Kinect. Sony was boring and unrevealing. Nintendo had a nicely put together conference with a console reveal, which almost makes you 'win' by default. The dubbing OVER Miyamoto made me cringe though.

#162 Posted by BrutalQuipper (22 posts) -

Out of the three main press conferences it has to be Nintendo for me, they announced some good games for the 3DS which has actually made me consider buying one fairly soon (which neither Microsoft with the Kinect or Sony with the Vita managed to do) and also made me very interested in the Wii U.

I was also supprised with how good I found the EA and Ubisoft conferences this year (appart from Mr. Caffine, you won't belive how much I wanted someone to run on stage and punch him by the end of it).

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