E3 2012 Conference Times; Your E3 conference experiences

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So information about the E3 2012 press conference times have started coming out. Sony's dated it as well as Microsoft:

The times so far:

  • June 4th, 10:00 AM PDT; 1:00 PM EDT - Microsoft
  • June 4th, 3:00 PM PDT; 6:00 PM EDT - Ubisoft
  • June 4th, 6:00 PM PDT; 9:00 PM EDT - Sony
  • June 5th, 9:00 AM PDT; 12:00 PM EDT - Nintendo

Last year's schedule:

And to not make this thread just about the time, I'd like to know everyone's experiences with watching the conferences at E3. Do you usually see them alone at home or with a group of friends? Experience it through a live stream or a live blog? Have you actually ever made it there in person (my dream!)?

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I find most of the conferences to be boring, I usually watch them once they are archived and skip around to the parts that interest me.

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@FluxWaveZ: I hope I can watch with you guys, now that we'll be live-streaming through the Giantbomb chat- but do you know what days they fall on this year? Chances are I'll have to work.  
EDIT: I should've clicked through the link- Sony and Microsoft are on Monday, which is rad. I might miss Nintendo's (but since we already know it'll be centered around WiiU stuff, I'll just watch the archive).
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@TooWalrus: Ah, sorry about missing the days. All of those posted so far are on Monday. It's most likely that Nintendo's will be on Tuesday.

@Unknown_Pleasures: Even though some of them can be really boring, I've always had fun browsing through forum threads and live chats and seeing the reaction of other people while also posting my own.

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I usually watch the conferences that are on at a decent hour. There's usually a group chat that I go on with a bunch of people from another forum.

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There's gunna be GB chat this year? Sweet! I should be around for the big 3, and maybe EA.

Love watching them, highlight of the year for me.

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@TooWalrus said:

@FluxWaveZ: I hope I can watch with you guys, now that we'll be live-streaming through the Giantbomb chat

Is this, in fact, the case? 'Cause that would be great news.

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I remember back in the Gamespot days going onto their live chats and talking about what was going on in the conference. Discussion basically boiled down to people repeating what was being said in the conference (e.g. Peter Moore announces Gears of War; everyone in the chat types out "OMG, they announced Gears of War!"), followed by people typing in "Lame game is lame" and "Epic Fail" when a game demonstration went bad.

Nowadays I just wait for the conferences to be over, download the archive, and watch it at my leisure.

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Usually I watch them on my pc, was planning on going to a friend's house for a party type thing last year but I contracted shingles and couldn't. This year between work and school who knows when I'll have time! Grrrr responsibilities

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Sweet! Those start after I'm done with classes that day. And I usually watch them alone on the PC, or on TV if I'm doing something as well. Sometimes my friends will happen to come over on those afternoons and we watch it. It all depends, really.

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My old choir director invited me to sing in this E3's Video Games Live concert.

I know this has nothing to do with the conferences, but I wanted to brag :D:D:D

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I've been to E3 the past two years; I can't imagine watching that coverage from home, especially after that. I say that knowing how generally unexciting the show is. The news that comes out of it? Sure, that can be awesome. But driving around LA to get to the conferences or taking a bus over to the Ubisoft show (P.S. skip it) isn't fun. The show floor is a clusterfuck of booth babes, PR, and people that don't give two shits about actually covering the event they are at.

I guess my comments are more for the people that want to go to the show as press (or, at all). Being there isn't that fun for the press and there is ZERO community while you are there. Even behind closed doors (e.g. 2K has had a sports bar the past two years) it still feels highly artificial. Having the opportunity to go is an incredible experience, but it isn't always a positive one at the time. It is easier to look back and say how cool it was that you got to see this thing first... but it is so hard to take it in right that moment. I found myself hit with jetlag, lack of sleep, and running around trying to make every appointment.

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I LOVE watching the press conference. Its basically a giant hype machine for 2 hours. VIDEOGAMEZ. AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I have school on Monday so looks like i'll record the G4 livestream. That's the only good thing that network has done in the last couple years. Too bad Adam Sessler won't be there.

Speaking of Adam, i just saw that he replied to Jeff and Ryan's tweets. Obviously that concludes to Adam working for Giant Bomb. Crazy speculation aside, I would be cool if he joined the crew.

@jeffgerstmann @taswell time to watch "Look who's hovering at dinner"

— Adam Sessler (@AdamSessler) April 28, 2012
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@FluxWaveZ said:

@TooWalrus said:

@FluxWaveZ: I hope I can watch with you guys, now that we'll be live-streaming through the Giantbomb chat

Is this, in fact, the case? 'Cause that would be great news.

There was a video or podcast... God, I wish I could remember which one, where Jeff said that they could easily do it now that they've got access to the Gamespot E3 streams, he didn't say they were definitely doing it, but that they easily could.
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I usually watch them live with a good friend of mine, I'm usually off work the week of July 4th so it all works out really well for me.

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Excited for Nintendo's as always. Hopefully Microsoft's is better then the last 2 years which have been really boring.

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My body is ready

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Watch at home live and alone. Sometimes chatting with a friend on msn.

This year I'll only be able to watch Nintendo live because of work :(

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Aw shit. I'll be in France both those days. Gonna be missing the conferences. Though maybe they're as shit as they were last year, if I'm lucky.

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