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Results are in here they are!

What is this?

Hey! A great question you have there! Perhaps you remember in years past (1 year, really), Giantbomb did something a little similar to their Community GOTY lists. They asked for a ranking of the things you were most excited for after E3.

Once those lists were all submitted, they were aggregated and put on the site for all to see! It was like our own little community Best of Show.

Well, I imagine Dave et al are absolutely swamped making a new goddamn website, so I figure I'd run a little community list aggregation for E3 much like we did for the 2011 GOTY (maybe you remember)

1. So what do I do? Make a list titled E3 2012

First step is to make a list titled E3 2012.

Once again, you should title the list: E3 2012

2. Then fill it up with as many as 10 things

doesn't have to be ten things. it can be less than 10 things. it can be more than ten things! I'll only care about 1-10 though.

3. Submit your GB Username to this google form

Here is that link again. Just type in your gb username and click submit.

boom bang pow you are DONE.


This isn't a list about what you are anticipating to see at E3! This isn't a list about things that you are excited to see at E3!

This is a list about the things that you saw from E3 that excited you the most! That could even mean hamburgers, if like some fucking amazing hamburger was demoed at E3, I DON'T KNOW. It could literally just be a company, or a concept.

Try not to make them too obscure, though, else aggregating that won't be particularly interesting. If the thing that excited you most at E3 was the liveliness with which they pressured people to use hand sanitizer (which I don't think is a concept, but if you're stretching things that far I'm sure you'd find a way to submit that), well... that's hilarious man, but maybe leave it for your blog. Or your number 10 slot.

So let's go through this one more time

  1. While E3 is going on, make mental note of the things that excite you. Create a list titled E3 2012
  2. Populate that list with the things that excite you at E3, rank them from 1-10 (you don't have to obsess about order, but try and rank the things that excite you more higher)
  3. Submit your GB Username here (once again, that link is here)
  4. Wait patiently for E3 to end and for me to aggregate the results!

I'm excited for this and you are too! This is probably already your number 1 thing you are most excited about for E3! Let's go woo!

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Seems a little early to post this, but sounds fun. I'll participate for sure.

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Sweet, I'll be sure to check out the results and perhaps participate if I can tear myself away from Diablo 3 for long enough.

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Early favorite should be Caffeine Man.

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Alright! So I somehow mistook last month for june as I was making this thread a month ago, but now it's actually june! Plans are still fully on for doing this and I hope you duders participate!

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I will absolutely participate, glad you brought this topic back because I missed it the first time around.

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I shall be a part of this!

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@SMTDante89 said:

I will absolutely participate, glad you brought this topic back because I missed it the first time around.

Yeah I suspect a lot of people did. But there's still plenty of E3 to go (all of it, actually), so I'm hoping I can draw enough attention to this that it can get a turnout as big as the community GOTY lists.

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@ThatFrood: What's the deadline for this?

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@ThatFrood give like 2-3 days after e3 so people can make the list after everything is shown.... Or am I pointing out the obvious......
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@Lone_f: @Cirdain: Yeah, after E3 is over I'll give it 3-4 days.

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Edit: Is it okay if I add some things to the list as the show goes on?

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@Zacagawea said:


Edit: Is it okay if I add some things to the list as the show goes on?

Well yeah, absolutely! That's the whole point. As you watch E3 just keep a list of the things you like most. By the end of E3 you'll have a complete list of the stuff that got you the most excited. 3-4 days after E3 I'll run the code and compile all the lists of the users who submitted their usernames.

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Cool. Thanks for doing this again.

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Ok, I've done it. I hope I didn't forget anything though.

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Alright, finally had the time to finish my list and submitted it.

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Alright guys, E3 is pretty much over. Make your lists and submit your usernames so we can come up with a community ranking for what impressed us most, second most and so on!

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K, I've done it!

How's this not been anchored??

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Done. That was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Edit: Switched some things up and added some.

E3 2012

1. The Last of Us

Just wow. This exceeded my expectations and then some.

2. Watch Dogs

Easily the biggest surprise of the show. Loved the setting and the 'information war' that was going on.

3. Dishonored

This made a huge impression. Looking forward to seeing more in the months to come.

4. Borderlands 2

Just give me this game. Now.

5. Assassin's Creed III

My body is ready.

6. Guacamelee!

Luchadores, check. Metroidvania, check. That's all I needed to know.

7. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Having never played XCOM, this looked incredible.

8. Halo 4

More Halo is fine by me. The new graphics were pretty amazing and overall really digging the changes by 343.

9. Tomb Raider


10. SimCity

Allowing my crime infested city to affect another city. Sold.

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Just putting it out there that I'm happy to take any lists from here, and already am. 

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There were a lot of really great games at E3, it's weird that the main one that's on Nintendo was Rayman: Legends........

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Yay I made one. Lots of great games.

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I'm stickying this for a while so it can get the most exposure. Also, as ZP said, be sure to link your lists in the Community Spotlight.

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I am part of this.

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@mracoon said:

I'm stickying this for a while so it can get the most exposure. Also, as ZP said, be sure to link your lists in the Community Spotlight.

Thank god. Better late than never :-D

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@mracoon said:

I'm stickying this for a while so it can get the most exposure. Also, as ZP said, be sure to link your lists in the Community Spotlight.

Oh awesome! Would I need to tweet at dave to get a community highlight on the main page, who runs that these days?

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How long until this has to be finished?

#30 Posted by ShadowVirus (844 posts) -

Done and submitted my list, here it is for those who are interested.

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@ShadowVirus@big_jon: To post your list switch to parachment v1 and click insert, my list. 

E3 2012


I see Watch Dogs as the antithesis of the Experimental Open-World games, for my tastes, that makes me extremely excited for the year to come. And looking at the line up for this genre in terms of chronological order... Dishonoured, Hitman, Watch Dogs... So good.

1. Watch Dogs

I found this to be outstanding and not just by the phenomenal stage demo but also the eurogamer article that went into more depth.

2. Hitman: Absolution

Oh yes, oh yes.

3. Star Wars 1313

I love the concept, I love the demo, I love the style.

4. The Last of Us

This is really amazing, I play on the PC though so my excitement for non-PC games has a limit. The Last of Us hits that limit.

5. Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3's narrative I find really interesting, I really really hope the gameplay brings the same quality but I fear not. But I really really like where they're going with the narrative.

6. SimCity

Oh Yes you sexy beast.

7. Dishonored

This seems to be like Hitman except more goofy, I like that.

8. Tomb Raider

They need to show me the PC version or say it doesn't exist. They've done neither.

9. Rayman Legends

I don't play these games but I love that they exist and I support their right to be awesome.

10. Beyond: Two Souls

Unfortunately it's still mostly quick-time events. And I don't have a PS3.

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@Cirdain: I knew you could post lists like that but I figured not too as I thought mine might be a bit long with the text I added to each game. Also, nice list, I forogt about Dishonored and Hitman.

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@ShadowVirus: Don't underestimated peoples ability to read forums when they're bored, look at what you're doing right now! :-D

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@Nilazz said:

How long until this has to be finished?

I'll give it another 3-4 days or so. Still hoping I can get a main page highlight or something like that.

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Intersested to see how this goes.

#37 Posted by ThatFrood (3467 posts) -

BANAANANAN, ghhtt, Jsim707, poopmonkey

There are similar names, though, like and , maybe you guys just got your usernames mixed up?

don't know what's up with poopmonkey though.

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Entered in mine as well!

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#43 Posted by ThatFrood (3467 posts) -

I'll be compiling the results later today, so all submissions should be sent in and finalized!

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Not sure if this will make the cut but here is my list.

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@pantzing_nome said:

Not sure if this will make the cut but here is my list.

With a main page highlight now, I'll give it an extra day.

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This should be in General Discussion so more people can see!

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Here my list, it goes over 10, but that doesn't matter (i know your only count the first 10, but i felt the need to add the rest regardless).

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In under the wire!

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