I am so sorry Mr. Caffeine.

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@ZeForgotten said:

@SpydrMrphy said:

This Tobuscus kid was more than annoying. After everyone stated he was some You Tube "star" I took a look, just made me want to kill him more. Hopefully Ubisoft will just do a simple, easy press conference next year and stop farming there ideas out to 12 year old stoners.

Wait, there were 12 year old stoners on stage too? Stoners on stage? and no grenades were dropped? Damn it! I blame the writers of the terrible script, but most people here won't even know what that means so your childish rage is understandable.

Now that was laugh worthy, thank you.

Your right though, my rant was childish. This really didn't harm me other than annoying me, and I'm overeating. The writers, whom I assumed where 12 years old stoners, are the ones to blame as well as the decisions on whom to put on stage, which I think was the bigger issue. My real questions to Ubisoft at this point would be, why would you write a script for a press conference where you interrupt the flow of the presentation for Facebook questions, and who is their target audience with this nonsense?

Maybe I'm just too old to get this You Tube kid's antics.

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