Sony on Lack of Vita Games at its Press Conference

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#51 Posted by EthanielRain (950 posts) -

@Baltimore said:

It's a shame because the Vita is a slick device and could be really awesome. Sad.

Yeah, I absolutely love my Vita (minus the web browser not supporting html5/flash)...but it needs games. And I need to see them!

#52 Posted by clstirens (847 posts) -

@Tylea002 said:

Kinda shows the press conferences aren't for the games. People interested in those will watch other coverage.

#53 Posted by quikblink (23 posts) -

They could have made it shorted by cutting WonderBooks by 15 minutes.

#54 Posted by BestUsernameEver (4824 posts) -

@quikblink said:

They could have made it shorted by cutting WonderBooks by 15 minutes.

#55 Posted by dropabombonit (1492 posts) -

If there was too much Vita stuff, people would have complained about the lack of PS3. That is what people said last year. It sounds like Jeff and Patrick are annoyed about the lack of Vita because they predicted and expected it to be there but were then disappointed when it wasn't there in a major way. What Sony showed was great, Beyond and The Last of Us are my games of the show

#56 Posted by gunslingerNZ (1931 posts) -

They should have just replaced the entire wonderbooks section with Vita content. I know they want to push Move but the tail end of this generation should have showed that people aren't all that excited for motion control anymore.

I mean Kinect sold well initially but you'd be stretching it to call it even a mild success since, the software just isn't there. The Move didn't sell well at all and even though there's been some better software support people aren't excited by it.

Anyway I'm glad that we have more Vita games on the way, it's a really awesome piece of hardware and the games that are there are good, Soundshapes and LBP Vita are both really awesome games.

#57 Posted by Spoonman671 (4876 posts) -

Shuhei Yoshida is a super cool guy.

#58 Posted by RadixNegative2 (528 posts) -

The least that they could have done was to list a bunch of games and features coming, but considering they didn't even do that I doubt they actually have anything noteworthy. That combined with the amount of time they spent on wonderbook tells me that it wasn't necessarily time that is the issue, but that they just don't actually have any good plans for the Vita.

Who knows, maybe I'm wrong. But for now I think I'll either save my money or go with the 3DS if Nintendo can sell me on it tonight by showing enough cool games.

#59 Posted by Maitimo (206 posts) -

Yet they had time for Wonderbook? They should've just bailed on the handheld space if they weren't prepared to make the effort. Distant second - for Vita - will be a very different thing than it was for PSP.

#60 Posted by BBAlpert (1660 posts) -

" journalist tweeted: 'thank god there's no 3D glasses.'" he said. "I showed it to Mr. Kaz Hirai and he laughed."

And then a single tear rolled down his cheek.

#61 Posted by BrockNRolla (1694 posts) -

@LordAndrew said:

I expect Nintendo's upcoming 3DS event to also downplay 3D.

I don't know that I've heard them tout it for quite a while. At this point, it's a graphical option, but it rarely seems essential to gameplay. If I'm in the right environment, I turn it one, but most of the time I have mine off. I don't even think about it.

#62 Posted by Czarpyotr (313 posts) -

Anyone know when PS1 games will be available for Vita?

#63 Posted by BestUsernameEver (4824 posts) -

@Czarpyotr said:

Anyone know when PS1 games will be available for Vita?

They keep saying 'soon', they have said coming soon since the thing launched.

#64 Posted by Czarpyotr (313 posts) -

@BestUsernameEver: So annoying. Sold my psp while I was in the middle of playing FF7 on my PSP and thought it would be up and running in a matter of weeks. Not fucking months.

#65 Posted by vonFlampanker (329 posts) -

We knew PSOne classics were coming (and should have been there for launch). PSTwo classics would have been worth writing home about. Even to know it was in the works.

Hopefully with the Vita being easy to develop for, we'll see some good under-the-radar stuff from the indie sector (which usually doesn't get a lot of push at big press conferences anyway). I'm biased because I own one, but I'm not ready to count the Vita out.

#66 Posted by BestUsernameEver (4824 posts) -

@Czarpyotr said:

@BestUsernameEver: So annoying. Sold my psp while I was in the middle of playing FF7 on my PSP and thought it would be up and running in a matter of weeks. Not fucking months.

What's even more infuriating is they said the emulation is working RIGHT NOW, they are just trying to implement more DRM because someone figured out how to get wipeout. So all this wait so they can figure out how to make it harder for people to steal, just take a loss Sony and serve your paying customers.

#67 Posted by vonFlampanker (329 posts) -

A Vita interface that isn't total shit would have also been a welcome announcement.

#68 Posted by Rumped (8 posts) -

Down with 3D!

#69 Posted by benspyda (2055 posts) -

I own 2 3D tvs and don't use the 3d on em at all. I hope 3D will just vanish from gaming and the cinema, at least until its better and you don't need glasses.

#70 Edited by Xbox420 (126 posts) -

Bullshit. How about showing new Vita games instead of PS 1 titles and shitty Wonderbook.

#71 Posted by SpecDotSign (166 posts) -

I've said it once I'll say it again. The media will always dictate what sells and what doesn't. There are games coming out. But because it's slow sales are alarming, the media has already begun to call the Vita a loss. Combined with the negative press, there's no way Sony can bounce back from this. Unless its Micrsoft 8 enabled or is from Nintendo.

#72 Posted by kingrainbowfish (6 posts) -

i don`t get why they just threw in random things like wonderbook. Why wouldn`t they did something like nontendo and the 3DS?

#73 Posted by LiquidSwords (2738 posts) -

Had to to go to my local Best Buy to play the Gravity Rush demo :\. Seriously, they didn't even show anything for at the conference.

#74 Posted by OriginalGman (294 posts) -

Basically this article is "3D is dead, and the Vita died even faster. Oh god, we hope The Last of Us blows up like Uncharted did." Great job, Sony.

#75 Posted by mehojevich (23 posts) -

I miss the hype and rush of e3. This one seemed so planned. Easily covered or maybe our computers are that fast these days

#76 Posted by devilzrule27 (1239 posts) -

Wonderbook seems like the type of thing that should be shown to house moms via the Today show instead of at E3.

Also I'm in the minority here but I love 3D gaming so I hope Sony keeps making their first party titles support it.

#77 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3635 posts) -

So they're just reaping what was sewn by snarky internet comments. Fair enough.

#78 Posted by Addfwyn (1957 posts) -

@OriginalGman: I wouldn't say it was the Vita died at all, there's a lot coming for it I am super excited. It was more 'we probably should have actually talked about some of the stuff coming for it, oops'. 3D on the other hand...hopefully dead and buried, not sad to see it go.

#79 Posted by algertman (852 posts) -

Vita is dead in the water right now. It's Sony's own little dumpster baby. It's flopped hard in Japan with 3DS destroying it. Software sales are non existent and it would be a horrible business decision to invest money in making a Vita game right now. Sony didn't even back it in its own stage show.

#80 Posted by Cubical (637 posts) -

That is hilarious how this thing is not selling still and sony did not try to sell it they showed a white on with a game from a crap game series and they still expect people to buy one.

OH and the thing is to fucking big to carry around.

#81 Posted by Sammo21 (3813 posts) -

@Melon_Fist: sadly in terms of games I think Sony topped Nintendo and Microsoft. Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls topped other first party content.

#82 Posted by JoshC (19 posts) -
@Sammo21 Yeah after going back and watching the Sony conference I have to agree, Nintendo really dropped the ball with both of their conferences. Like you said at least Sony had it's really great 1st party games in the forefront of their conference.
#83 Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG (4284 posts) -

They showed that fucking book game for a long ass time......

#84 Posted by Sagalla (224 posts) -

Articles like this are why I despise game journalism of late. It's easier to go to hotels, eat at buffets, and make sweeping comments as to the "State of the games industry" then actually see what's really going on. Anyone played Unit 13? It's only THE BEST HANDHELD SHOOTER EVER!! Fuck Off

#85 Posted by laserbolts (5389 posts) -

Well if they didn't spend so long showing that dumb wonderbook stuff they could have maybe showed some more vita games. Sony dropped the ball there.

#86 Posted by SixX6SevN (1 posts) -

all I have to say is.... kinda app is that. i have a smartphone. hence i already have instant youtube. i just would rather have no new apps then something that obviously doesnt appeal to an american culture.

maybe i just need to give niconico a second chance. then again... isn't there enough weird asain "videos" already on the internetz

#87 Posted by Enigma_2099 (150 posts) -

Too bad it's not BC... you could keep playing your PSP library until the new games come out...

#88 Posted by Ujio (565 posts) -
You mean to tell me 3D has run its course? I'm shocked! Not really. No shit it didn't take off because it's not essential at all! Plus people probably got tired of paying an extra $10 when they went to the movies just to have a3D effect.

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