E3 2013 Day One, Two and Three Live - Twitch links (UPDATED)

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If you are impatient and can't wait for anything to go up on the site then these links might help.




Downloadable (420p)









mp3 rips (credit to Dutch Slayer on GAF)








Edit : I couldn't seem to embed the links so you will have to cut and paste unless some kind mod cleans it up for me.

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Thanks! 1 hour in and it's really entertaining! Love background Jeff.

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Are all of those .mp3s individual parts that need to be assembled or the full 3 hour thing? The Twitch archive keeps hiccuping every minute for me. Took from 9:30 AM EST until 11:30 AM EST to get through the first hour of the Day One stream.

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Awesome, thanks

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GB community, I heart you.

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The pre- and post-show chat and music were sick. Hopefully it all comes back tonight. I'm surprised we didn't break the chat after the show in spite of everything.

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What a great way to round of a great Wednesday!

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Could anyone tell me how you get those Twitch URLs? Downloading archives is a pain when they split them up every 30 minutes, this makes it a lot easier.

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Can someone that watched it live say how much it was "lost" between the two streams?

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thanks so much for the mp3s! will enjoy them at work tomorrow

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@stefanten: I use flashgot plugin for firefox but yeah, since they started splitting you have to do it manually. I basically moved to search bar in 30 minute chunks until the end and then flashgot could see all five parts of the stream. A pain but only about 30 seconds work. There used to be a good website that would get the urls for you but the API changed and it broke.

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Have they said anything about these shows going up on the podcast feed?

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It's on the bombcast feed now and I've stuck the video up on YouTube also.

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@baag: You are a god/goddess among men. It's a dam shame that the archive is only being saved in 720p now as it's unwatchable and it takes these guys for fucking ever to archive it on the site in a watchable format.

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I'm also curious how you got these links, @alternate, as I slept through tonight's show and am having the same problems with Twitch that I had yesterday morning. All life used to be so wonderful...

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@baag: You are a god/goddess among men. It's a dam shame that the archive is only being saved in 720p now as it's unwatchable and it takes these guys for fucking ever to archive it on the site in a watchable format.

in fairness, they are KIND of busy... :)

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Day 2 YouTube is uploading now - may be a couple of hours or so..

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The first 2 hours worked great on Twitch, but now it's back to its old confounding ways...want to finish before work in two hours...argh.

I've tried this (Jeffro .flv converter) but it keeps returning an error.


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I would wait for that youtube video to upload, more convinient, but if you simply can't wait here are the raw links

E3 2013 Day Two Live









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Ive had to restart the upload due to Windows 8 deciding that it was a great time to perform a restart to install updates 75% through the upload. Starting again, and when it's ready should appear here, but could be a couple of hours still: Now Ready: Enjoy!

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E3 2013 Day Three Live









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Youtube version will appear here:

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I love you guys.

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Thanks yet again!

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Thanks to the ppl who uploaded the youtube link much easier i can use my youtube downloader on them :-)

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@lockload: what are you using? KeepVid is a little clunky but it works...

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Thanks for doing this, dude. I never like trying to get the archives off of Twitch.

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