E3 2013: The Plan

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We're expecting to finally hear more about the long-awaited Master P/Seth Green video game. No we aren't.

I stink. It's a great weekend for a heatwave. I can only hope that Los Angeles will somehow be cooler than it is here in my house, because super heat is very much not my thing, at least when running around to see video games is concerned.

Look, E3 2013 is right around the corner, people. And we're going to start coming at you with a variety of live shows.

The first one will be tomorrow, Sunday morning. Against all advice, I've decided to keep the dream alive by driving to E3. By myself. Hey, I was looking for a good reason to drive my car real fast, so maybe this works out. Along the way, I'll have my iPad on the passenger seat, where it will hopefully be pushing my lonely, open road voice out via Mixlr.

Depending on how quickly I wake up and get my shit together, that show should start no later than 10AM. It'll happen right here: http://mixlr.com/jeff-gerstmann/ - I'll be posting that link to Twitter when it starts, but since the cell towers along the interstate are made of tin cans and signs that read "food grows where the water flows," I can't guarantee that it'll be a solid six hours of me slowly going insane. Mixlr has a chat room, if you want to sign up for their service, so depending on how dedicated I am to almost wrecking my car, maybe I can take some questions.

Just envision me behind the wheel, slightly less Japanese writing, and me singing along to satellite radio until I crash.

The real show starts Monday night, around 10PM PDT, with the first live video show from our all-new (to us) studio located just minutes away from downtown Los Angeles. That'll be the press conference day, so we should have plenty to discuss, but we'll bring in some guests, too, to help liven things up.

For the rest of the show, we'll be back in the evening. So on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, expect to find us up on your internet screens around 8PM. We have a mixture of old and new broadcast favorites lined up as guests, and if you've been with us in years past, you know that you're in for a great, loose, and probably weird time.

We'll also have a handful of interviews hitting the site over the course of the show along with a bonus podcast where we talk about the E3 things I saw prior to the opening of the show an make a few last-minute predictions.

This year you'll watch the Xbox One. Next year? The Xbox One watches you.

If you're looking for a chat room to crash in, we've got your back for that, too. :Rorie will be back in the lab, keeping the chat room pumping as we feed in GameSpot's press conference live streams on Monday and their main stage broadcast for the three days of E3 Actual. I've caught a few glimpses of their stage show schedule, and it looks like they've got just about all of the major players there to give demos and talk about their games.

So turn out all the lights, close your blinds, break your phone, unplug your Kinect, wrap the tinfoil over your head, put a piece of bubble gum over your webcam, and order a billion pizzas (but tell them to leave the pizza on the doorstep and get the hell away from your dwelling). E3 is on!

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Could it be?

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E3: The conspiracy?

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Mirror's Edge 2!


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EDIT: ????

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How have I yet to see a single photoshopped image of Jet Li and a Kinect?

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So we're starting the festivities with what is essentially Persona 3's voyeur creeper cam? Given my descriptor "FEStivities", this feels wholly appropriate.

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Haha! I can't wait! Nice car Jeff! Any podcasts?

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I should probably ask myself why I'm going to wake up early in the morning to listen to your voice, but let's not.

Hype commencing.

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I see what you did there, clever moon person!

But wow, a Sunday morning stream? That's pretty awesome!

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"The Plan"?

Since when does Giantbomb use plans?

I'm suspicious of this whole thing now...

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Will the mixlr be available after it's recorded? i.e. post-live

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When I read articles like this, I start to get my E3 butterflies. Love it!

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And this is E3! <>

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I wonder if anyone at GB will bother waking up early enough for Nintendo's ND on Tuesday

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but what about lobtha monthas jeff? aren't you afraid of those being at E3?

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Mirror's Edge 2!


I'm hoping for Kameo 2 :D

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Wait. 5 billion pizzas?

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Excited for the live shows!

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I just want to see two guys representing the two consoles wrestle in sumo-suits.

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that's an illegal amount of pizzas

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E3 Actual.

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<>, Jeff. <>.

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The assault of the Electronic 3 never ceases. Fight well Bomb Squad!

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Hey, you guys know where Alphonso is?

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I'm always up for a weird time.

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"Aw this P!"


"Yeah this P!"

P lemme hear ya say UUUUNNGHHHH



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Should have got that Challenger.

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Apparently I fucked up by ordering (only one) pizza this evening - jumped the gun a little bit on that.

Last year I was sick pretty much the entirety of E3 week. The silver lining there was that I was able to keep up on all the livestreams, news, etc. with relative ease from the comfort of my couch. This year I will be entirely too busy with work like a dumb adult. Boo to that!!!

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Just remember, what is seen cannot be unseen...

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I am getting too old. These E3 shenanigans are too late. Might have to move to the West Coast.

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Fuck. Guys, I can't wait to hear Justin McElroy this year.

Oh God..

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As days become years, and years become decades, I find myself looking forward to GB's coverage of E3 more than I actually look forward to the show itself.

One the up side, this E3 is shaping up to be the biggest clusterfuck in the history of the business. That's something to look forward to, right?


Super Drake Tracker 2000 EX: ON!

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na na na naaa

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Will that crazy Car Guy from the PS4 reveal be there?

Driveclub. You don't talk about it. Well. Some do. You can. Too. Because. Its just cars. Not. Fighting. In. A basement.

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Poor sleep cycles begin NOW.

Edit: Or rather, they continue... NOW.

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Get hyped.

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Fuck me and having to work early all this week!!!

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