Nintendo Direct at E3 2013

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I can't seem to find an official one, so I'll start the ball rolling now on it since it starts in less than an hour. If there is an official one then feel free to lock this one.

So I'll start with what I want Nintendo to do. Personally, they needn't win on third parties for me or anything - they just have to convince me they have a good enough first-party line-up to make a WiiU my secondary console next generation. And obviously they have to continue with their 3DS onslaught (which is starting to get pretty great games-wise).

Hopefully we get to see demos of the Xenoblade sequel, Bayonetta 2, New Smash Bros., a Mario big console game (hopefully as big a shift as Super Mario Galaxy was) and a teaser for the next big Zelda. But most of all, hopefully they can bring at least 2 new IPs (I know Nintendo's past track record would suggest otherwise; but they have said Miyamoto is currently heading up development on smaller titles so hopefully they will be new IPs, and Retra hasn't shown their cards yet). Just wish they won't go too overboard on their "Year of Luigi"-thing...

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Woops, guess it was put up as I was writing this. Sorry guys - feel free to lock this one.

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I just want something like this.

Oh and a new Retro IP.

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