Nintendo live stream unwatchably laggy for anyone else?

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I'm trying to watch the Nintendo stream over here but the thing keeps stuttering and stopping every 5 seconds no matter what video settings I set it to. Anyone else experiencing this? Seems no one else has a live stream of this so I can't find another source to try it on. I had no problem with the other streams.

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It seems to be universally awful

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The UK stream is way less shitty.

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Yeah, it's garbagio. BUT even lagged Super Mario 3D World looks amazing. Cat Mario!

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The UK stream is way less shitty.

Awesome thanks! That's actually watchable.Still lags but it seems to be only every 20-30 seconds.

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The UK stream is way less shitty.

Thanks duder. That's much better.

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@bobbington: thanks for that uk link. A great first post on this site.

After the US stream kept failing after 2 seconds I started watching the more stable japanese stream... but had to guess what he was talking about

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I've watched the international, dutch, and UK stream and all three are kind of unwatchable.

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