Remembering E3 One Week Later.

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This year's E3 had the most excitement surrounding it than any E3 the past few years. We are getting two new consoles and that means new IPs. Nintendo was there as well showing off new-old games.

I am one to get excited about these sorts of conferences. Just sitting back and taking in everything without any personal bias is a nice breath of fresh air. Now, one week later, I'm starting to look back at what is at the front of my mind, what still sticks out to me from E3.


Titanfall. Wow. When the name and brief description of Titanfall leaked a couple days before E3 I thought to myself, "Oh, another mech game, don't care." The demo that was shown during MS's conference blew me away. The addition of "popcorn" AI players is a great addition for players who die a lot in shooters. In the demo the mechs looked like they weren't overpowering. Players on the ground had the ability to take out a mech without dying 10 times before they could. I'm curious to see the adjustments that will be made to the mechs, or players, when the game releases Spring 2014. Also, if Titanfall was just going to be on XBONE and not on PC, that would have really pushed me to wanting an XBONE. But since I have a gaming PC already, I'll just buy it through Origin.

Sunset Overdrive comes to us from Insomniac Games as an XBONE exclusive. Yes, the same Insomniac Games that brought you many Ratchet & Clank games on vast PlayStation consoles as well as the Spyro, the Resistance series, and most recently Fuse (their first multi-platform game). Sunset Overdrive reminded me of Jet Set Radio with the visual style of Team Fortress 2. Watch the video and tell me I'm wrong. I don't know what it is about the reveal but this game looks like it will be really fun in short bursts. I look forward to seeing more of Sunset Overdrive.


Battlefield 4. What has really stood out to me, still, is the environmental destructibility during the multiplayer demo. If you've played Battlefield multiplayer before, you know what to expect from that experience. I'm sure Battlefield 4 will do the same. There will be vehicles, there will be vast open terrain to run across, and there will be more destruction. Having a skyscraper collapse on you while you're trying to capture a point on the top of said skyscraper is amazing.


The Division. Sorry, Tom Clancy's The Division. But holy shit does that game look visually impressive! It was the Watch (I refuse to insert an underscore) Dogs of this E3. No one expected this and it blew everyone's mind. This coming generation is going to have a huge emphasis on single player multiplayer games. You can go through the game by yourself and still run into other people playing the game. Or you can run with a squad of friends. The Division is the nu-MMO. It's a massively multiplayer game with real-time action. During a demo your character went to grab a new weapon and it showed the damage range of the weapon as well as the range. That specific part reminded me of Borderlands. I'm very curious to see how this game develops over the next year. I gathered that this is coming out in 2014, most likely holiday 2014.


Killzone: Shadow Fall looks to be taking great strides on becoming a better shooter. Personally, I love the Killzone games. Shadow Fall has, wait for it, greens and blues! There is more than browns and grays. From the gameplay shown at E3 displays an AI companion of sorts called the 'Owl' that helps you distract enemies and can drop a shield to help protect you. Also shown, you can use a grappling hook in most any point in the game. Need to cross from this tree stand to another? Use the grappling hook. Want to cross this canyon instead of using the bride? Use the grappling hook. Killzone 2 and 3 were known for its slow-moving protagonist. You just felt heavy. Shadow Fall looks like you move a bit quicker and more fluidly. Now, we won't know until launch day if that's true or not, but it looks promising.

inFamous: Second Son is the next game from Sucker Punch. That 80-person team is creating a game that lets you roam Seattle and use super powers. What more do you want? Improved control scheme? Check. Fluid movement? Check. Destructible environments that stay destroyed throughout the game? Check. Second Son looks like the best super hero game we've seen. As Delsin Rowe you can take other people's powers and use them as your own. Hate when you get to a closed gate and can't simply break it open or climb on to get through? Just use your smoke power and go right through the gates. Want a quick way to get from the ground to the top of a building? See that vent? Use your smoke ability and go through the vent to the top said building. Sucker Punch looks to finally have the machine (PS4) to do what they've envisioned this franchise should be.


Oh, Nintendo. Not having a press conference at E3, in my mind, hurt them. This was the year Nintendo was going to announce a boatload of games for Wii U. This was going to be the time Nintendo would make you go buy a Wii U. Instead of watching a press conference to build that hype, Nintendo went the route of Nintendo Direct. Say what you want, it doesn't give off the same aw as a conference. Now after Nintendo talked about all the upcoming games I understand why they didn't want to have a conference in front of hundreds of people. All their big games are coming out next year, 2014. The Wii U has been out for 7 months (as of tomorrow). SEVEN MONTHS and there are a handful of games to play.

Super Smash Bros. was the game I've been waiting for, and yes it looks amazing in HD. Adding, so far, Mega Man, Animal Crossing Villager, and Wii Fit Trainer were great to see. Mega Man needs the love, and there are plenty of people that will give that to him. The Villager has those huge dead eyes with a killer's smirk, I'm surprised I haven't had a nightmare about him yet. And the Wii Fit Trainer will get more use then you think, those moves look pretty powerful. Not having any sort of release window for SSB though scares me. I can't help but think it might release early 2015.

A new 3D Mario game sounded great. I would welcome it with open arms. Then... they showed Super Mario 3D World gameplay. Yes, there is a cat suit that everyone is eating up because it's adorable. If you don't think so you don't have a soul. But, like I've been reading/hearing about the game, it looks like Super Mario 3D Land on 3DS. It doesn't look like it's meant for the Wii U. You can have 4 players, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad. I was hoping for a single player 3D Mario game. Then I read that the camera is fixed. You have to suffer through awkward angles. That's not what I, or many others, wanted. If you wanted this sort of gameplay go play New Super Mario Bros U.

Ok, what I liked that Nintendo announced: Mario Kart 8. Again, a Nintendo game seeing its first HD release that looks amazing. Now you have to deal with anti-gravity maps, and from what I've read, drastically affects the feel of how you drive. Maps also will have you driving upside down and up walls. I mean, c'mon, it's Mario Kart, what's not to like?

Overall this was a great E3 to follow. New consoles, new games, and a lot of excitement. No matter your allegiance you found something to like about everything. This current generation has gone on longer than we had hoped. This new generation cannot come soon enough.

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