So which game screams "That is NEXT GEN"?

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I can't wait until I have time to actually watch all these trailers in HD. My only exposure thus far has been in heavily compressed live streams, so it's hard to say right now.

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Which game screams "next gen"?

Probably E V E R Y ... S I N G L E ... O N E ... O F ... T H E M?!

The misconception many seem to have, is to judge the games by

a) the looks ("graphics")

b) the looks ("gameplay")

c) the looks ("story-trailer-beats")

... wrong approach.

You need to have had "hands on" with every one of the next-gen demos on the show floor, or in the "invite-only" rooms, to immediately find out, your E3 10 seconds - 10 minutes trailer/gameplay videos were less than informative, of what "next-gen" machines can do?

The technical aspect of the XBOX ONE and PS4 compared to their predecessors(!) should be enough to convince you? 8 GB of RAM alone should be enough?

John "Cowboy" Bellomy tried to explain to the GB audience (and the present "journalists") the difference, on last nights GB E3 Stream, but was sadly cut off too early, by the desire to tell more fart-jokes.

Brushing over innovation, like it isn't there. I look at Ryan Davis, who only 'watched' the stream like every single one of us - makes their "opinions" even less interesting. Keep staying uninformed, judging games by the looks, by what THEY like to play, by THEIR own gamer gut feeling, instead seeing the bigger picture, as good journalists should do - rather informing US, instead WE informing THEM ... things turned bad along the way.

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Your face screams Next Gen!

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MGSV, The Division, Destiny, Battlefield 4, Final Fantasy XV (hopefully we see more Kingdom Hearts footage soon)

Everything really looks awesome and I can't wait!

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MGSV and Ryse were the only games that impressed me graphically, everything else looked good but not really amazing. The leap to this generation graphically has been much shorter than previous ones.

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Many of the games look great and make me wanna play 'em, but only one struck me as something up until now not possible, maybe except on some beastly gaming PC, and that was The Division. You gotta watch the clip several times to really soak up the amount going on and all the incredible details. Also the seamless(at least it appeared to be so, have to wait and see some live gameplay I guess)drop in/out and player interactivity in the co-operative roles. Also what kinda appeared to be a meshing of pve and pvp in a very seamless way too. Very intrigued by that game.

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Metal Gear 5, Witcher 3, Final Fantasy XV, Battlefield 4, The Division and Destiny

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Watch Dogs looks amazing as hell to me

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