Sony's E3 2013 Press Briefing: A Stone Cold Stunner

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Unless Microsoft shapes up, I'm predicting the Xbone will be shipped directly to an Alamogordo, New Mexico landfill, by the millions, to join that 1982 Atari 2600 rendition of "ET".

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I guess that Sony has "won" E3 and probably this generation. But I just can't care about Sony... I can't even like the new DualShock (not that I ever liked the awkwardly-position thumbsticks of the previous DualShocks...). I'm sticking with PC + Wii U + 3DS this gen. At least, until Sony decides to cut the price on the PS4. Then, I'll see if I can care.

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With all the talk of "Sony will have all the same DRM" coming from the gaming press I had basically written off the PS4 and Xbone. Was already planning my next gaming PC then Sony comes out and offers a system at the right price without all these stupid restrictions.

Pre-ordered on Amazon the instant I heard this. Then realized I have that sony credit card and I can earn a butt load of points on the sony store for using it there. They had 2 day shipping offered free as well so I pre-ordered there. Told my wife about it this morning and she chewed me out for ruining fathers day! So I technically have 3 of these pre-ordered.

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There are a few 3rd party games people could have been reminded will also be on ps4, games like MGS5.
Last gen i got a 360 because of the great games and much lower price point, it took me just over 5 years to get a ps3 and finally play its great exclusives like MGS4 and funky releases like Tokyo Jungle and Journey. Metal Gear Solid is on both systems now and most of the other main games are coming to PC aswell which, provided they get good ports, i'm happy about.
So which system do i get MGS5 for, the more expensive, Kinect embedded, smartglass obsessed, DRM lawyer that is the xbox, or the apparently nice, simple and tidy ps4?

So far i'm leaning towards Sony, but my common sense is telling me to wait and see which one has malfunctions or laggy versions of games first.

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Having to switch discs... that most taxing of first world gamer problems.

I wonder if we will see a multi blu ray game at any point. It seems like their huge capacity plus the ability to download large patches has eliminated the possibility.

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Oh wow. Not that I'm planning to get a new console any time soon, but good for Sony. Hope it works out for them.

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sony destroyed microsoft this year

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I cared so little after all the XBox bull shit, and with my awesome PC snug next to me as I watched Sony do its thing I was happy... but as the shit got real I pushed my PC away and jumped up and said "aaaaaa snap".

Thank you PS... I love you again like this was PS 1 days. Will I get one... we will see... odds... hell yes. XD

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I won't pre order the PS4, just because I never buy a console at launch. But holy shit did they kick MS' ass.

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@alex "I didn't care an iota about Destiny prior to today's conference, but the demo shown during the event finally got me on board."

This. And I found myself surprised at how on board I actually was after watching the demo...

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@ohms: Yes, seeing those guys onstage was awesome. They're living the dream. It's also great to see one of the big console makers acknowledging the powerhouse indie games are becoming. The tools are getting good. More people will be doing this.

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Pre-ordered my PS4 this morning. Adam Boyes's indie presentation is what won my over, it was really a stark contrast to the Xbox One presentation (Below looks awesome though). I was sold from that point, the other games, disc DRM policy and price were just gravy after that.

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So the used-game crybabies got their way after all? Great.

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Well, I'll be damned. I might just have to go with Sony this generation unless Microsoft can promise me flying unicorns and rainbows.

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No mention in the discussion of the very real difference in computing power of the two systems. Now that the architecture is nearly identical it is a real factor. 32mb of cache is no substitute for real memory bandwidth let alone being 2 cores down on the competition.

Oh right. The Cloud. LOL

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Well, I'm getting a PS4.

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I'm so glad that i'm a PC gamer.

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As with the Wii and people's thoughts on its future, I'll still take a wait and see approach on the product, at launch and well after before evaluating the actual worth, but it's nice to know Sony has confidence in presentation at E3. As long as no one said next generation doesn't start until we say it does, both of these companies with money from side markets can remain entrenched in staying in the game, heck, if nothing else Microsoft might try actually making PC gaming more visible if Sony starts to eat its console lunch.

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Honestly the best E3 presentation I've seen in years.

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i've pretty much been gaming exclusively on the original xbox and then the 360 these last few years. i've loved the machines, despite their flaws, and they've given me who knows how many hours of enjoyment (i still use the 360 regularly).

this satisfaction lead me to eagerly anticipate the next iteration of the xbox, but damn microsoft for being microsoft. alex basically sums up everything right here:

Sony absolutely knocked it out of the park, and it did so by simply demonstrating a strong understanding of what its consumers would conceivably want, rather than just assuming that consumers will take whatever it feels like giving them.

while i will wait til the dust settles before i purchase a new console, right now my money's leaning towards japan.

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I'm going to wait in line to buy one just because this press conference was so ballsy

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Microsoft DRM bullshit aside, the one thing that has me switching from the XBox camp to the PS4 is the $100 price difference. I mean that is a huge price gap between the two consoles. All because Microsoft has invested so much into Kinect that they can't back out now, so they feel they have to include it with the new console. What gets me is they are charging $100 extra for a peripheral that the majority of gamers out there never actually wanted or gave a damn about. If they are so invested in Kinect, where are all the games that take advantage of it. I only saw a few Kinect enabled titles out of all the E3 game trailers that have been posted so far. I find it strange that MS is pushing this peripheral on people without having games for it at launch.

The only way Microsoft can recover from this is to offer a XBone SKU at the $399 price point that doesn't include the Kinect, and to loosen it's DRM policies. But maybe it's too late at this point. I'm still getting a PS4 no matter what now. You done fucked up Microsoft.

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@twelve1784: haven't heard about trading digital games, that could be interesting. Was thinking more of an interview I read in GI about PS4's store where it sounded like publishers/debs would have a lot of fine grained control over prices. Makes me think that Sony assumes that amount of control will encourage them to be more flexible with pricing, which would lead to more digital copies sold, which makes concerns over sales lost to used games less of an issue. Lots of hypothetical stuff in there, will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

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This entire thing really reminds me of the PSX price announcement at the first e3 in '95, where Sony spanked Sega and the Saturn.

Jump to 3:15 to watch the drama unfold.

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I want a Sony hits Microsoft with a stunner gif to go with this article.

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I had never seen a more "screw you" from one large company to another in any press conference ever and it was amazing.

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I watched the confrence on my iphone in the early hours of the morning when jack tretton announced about having no restrictions i felt like a noob because i was cheering with the crowd!

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i think xbox one will be better than ps4

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are we gonna able to play ps3 games in ps4?

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@gildermershina: I like that SONY responds to Microsofts fans complains, while Microsoft generally ignores them until it effects their bottom line.

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I still wanted a Jak and Daxter and a wipeout game.

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