Thoughts on PS Vita after E3 announcements?

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After what's been announced at E3, what are everyone's thoughts on the PS Vita? Value increased? Decreased? Same? Also, as someone who owns a 360 but hardly ever uses it anymore (PC-heavy) and is seriously considering pre-purchasing a PS4 when I get paid on Friday, should I go ahead and get a PS Vita and PS+ subscription now while I'm at it?

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The Vita is a cool addon to my PS4, and also a cool Persona-playing machine.

Also, I never had a PSP, so going back to some of that stuff has been cool. The library's not bad if you're just now getting into Sony stuff.

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Continues to get HD JRPG remakes, which is a plus to me. If you want value in games and like the genre, they give you tons of gameplay. With PS+, you get at least a handful of the must-have games for Vita. I wouldn't say there's an abundance of original games, but I really want to get around to Soul Sacrifice and see if that's any good.

I think there are two main groups of games that you'll get a lot of: (1) the typical Sony stuff like Killzone, God of War, Super Stardust, Wipeout , and then (2) strange Japanese stuff.. mostly downloadable and relatively cheap. If you are interested in Persona 4, that and one or two other things make it a buy, IMHO.

I think the biggest thing you have to consider is: do you want any portable machine? For me, I don't use it much as a portable machine, but more often just to have on the couch while I ignore watching a TV show, or while watching Giantbomb livestreams. I don't have a bus commute every day like some people, but it's still fun to play at home, too.

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Playstation Plus has been feeding me all sorts of games to play, and things only look better for the future.

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It looks ok so far, we have FFx/x-2 coming dragon crown and Muramasa so I'm good for a while.

also This guy is the head of a team that court dev to come to the Vita. He is also an incredibly nice guy and engage with the community constantly. Check him out, tweet him question, ask for games. Hes a cool dude.

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Look at the games that are out for it. Do they look like games you want to play?

I've gotten hundreds of hours of fun out of mine already, between Persona 4, Soul Sacrifice, and various smaller games like Guacamelee.

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I still want one, and it's still too expensive for me to get one (especially because you pretty much need that $80 memory card)

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I feel likes its increased. I'm still using it mainly as a persona-machine for now, but that'll change in the near future. That being said, fuck the price of the memory card.

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I didn't really see anything that would increase the value but I still think it's a worthwhile purchase. The remote play feature sounds neat but I could never see myself being anti-social enough to need to play games on my Vita because someone else is using the TV.

I would have recommended a purchase before E3 and nothing has changed for me.

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@shinjin977 said:

It looks ok so far, we have FFx/x-2 coming dragon crown and Muramasa so I'm good for a while.

also This guy is the head of a team that court dev to come to the Vita. He is also an incredibly nice guy and engage with the community constantly. Check him out, tweet him question, ask for games. Hes a cool dude.

Did you just say FFX and X-2? Damn. I would love to play those again during my free time away from home.

I see a lot of people mentioning Persona, and it's definitely something I'd like to play, it just wasn't a system-seller for me, but I think PS+ (with its hopefully bright future) and maybe the occasional okay big-name titles may be enough for me to justify a ~$400 system to play FFX and Persona on.

That said, I didn't realize the price of the memory card was that high. I knew it was high, but damn. I think I might be sold on a Vita, but it won't be coming this paycheck, maybe next. Didn't plan on buying two systems the price of the PS4 on Friday.

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It stayed the same for me. Tearaway continues to look awesome and still be the only game that I would consider a killer-app for the Vita. Killzone: Mercenary continues to look not as cool as Killzone: Liberation. Some good looking ports on the horizon, especially of indie stuff. Apparently Hotline Miami 2 might launch on Vita, so that's cool.

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@thrawn2112: I think its will continue to receive a steady streaming of PC indie ports and remastered classics from the PS2 for a long time.

Totilo just posted this video. He gets a little gushy, but you can see there's a lot on the way. (link) I think the Jak/Daxter and Sly Cooper games are also being ported. If you're interested in either of those and need a handheld then definitely. It may also receive some kind of remote functionality, but who knows. I would definitely get onto PS+ they give away a shitload of games and it will be required for multiplayer. I use my Vita regularly, been fun to play things like Limbo again.

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I'm pretty much the same as before. I love my Vita but haven't played games on it for a while, mostly because the games I beat were the ones I wanted to play. I mainly use my Vita for Netflix, YouTube, Wake-Up Club & music right now. It's a great machine but I wish more titles were coming. I definitely want Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway, Rayman Legends and all the indies coming out for it though. If anything else, it's a great indie machine and it'll be a good companion for my PS4.

I wish at least two new games were announced for it at E3. It just got trailers for games we already knew are coming.

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Oh yes everyone need to download Toro's Friend network. That game is really cute. Its like a nintendo game. Need more Toro<3

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Just bought one on Amazon and about 12 games for it too, seems like a really awesome console and it will go great with my PS4.

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I still have no desire to buy one.

Did they even announce any new games for it at e3?

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I thought Vita was kinda meh until I saw this:

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I used to think that cool games eventually coming to the Vita was a given, but at this point I've sort of lost faith in that. At the moment I don't really see any function for it beyond a peripheral thing, a cool peripheral that I could see myself buying once the price begins to match the value, but an ancillary device nevertheless.

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It's value increased. To be honest I bought it as a Persona 4 Gold player (thanks a lot Vinny and Jeff), but it's library is really starting to shape up. Tearaway looked fun and Killzone looked pretty good. I'm feeling better and better about the purchase, it's a well put together piece of gadgetry if you ask me.

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Just got one and I love it. Great piece of technology for the price, and the games are great if you're new to things.

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It's still an impressive piece of tech, but it's poor sales so far doesn't have me too hopeful for future software support. I don't see myself going out and buying one, but if they were to offer a PS4 bundle that comes with a Vita for like $550, I might go for that.

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Just started at a new really well paying job. That plus E3 plus what I saw the PS4 was capable of with the Vita plus..well...Playstation Plus, I bought a Vita. Don't regret it at all. Casting bufu and playing Snake Eater is worth it alone.

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I'm glad I bought one, I'm happy Sony is determined to support it.

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