New IP reveal you're most excited for

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Poll: New IP reveal you're most excited for (262 votes)

Bloodborne 32%
No Man's Sky 40%
Splatoon 8%
Codename S.T.E.A.M. 4%
Scalebound 6%
Entwined 0%
Ori and the Blind Forest 2%
Inside 2%
Abzu 1%
Guns-Up! 0%
The Talos Principle 0%
The Assembly 0%
Miyamoto's Project Giant Robot 0%
Miyamoto's Project Guard 0%
Smaller Indie game (Cuphead, Aztez, Mighty No. 9, etc) 2%

This year at E3, we actually got ourselves a handful of new IP that was announced this year. Certainly some new IP got more attention than others, namely Bloodborne and No Man's Sky got a lot of buzz, however, out of all the new IP that was revealed, which one new IP are you most excited about. This poll only includes games that made their E3 debuts this year, not last year. So don't expect Sunset Overdrive to be a possible choice here.

#51 Posted by TurboMan (7498 posts) -

Bloodborne I guess, even though it's a spiritual sequel to Dark Souls

#52 Edited by guanophobic (302 posts) -

No Man's Sky shouldn't count.

Guys. Codename STEAM is goddamn Lincoln Force made by the Paper Mario guys. I can't not pick that.

#53 Edited by CornBREDX (5046 posts) -

No mans sky is neat purely because it can shift between planet and space so seamlessly (I suspect the game play won't interest me as I suspect it will entail doing whatever you want in this procedural generated world) but I have to say Bloodborne. Even though we don't know much about it yet, anything from the creator of the Souls games (the best game series to come out in the past decade) is going to be amazing. Plus what the Giantbomb staff did know (from what they saw and recalled on camera) it sounded really neat.

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