EA customer service... not that bad.

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I made a thread a while ago complaining about how EA has terrible customer service but recently the customer service I have gotten has been quite good. Basically, I contacted them asking about why my standard edition of Battlefield 3 didn't include all the other stuff the limited edition did when I paid the same amount. I explained to them that because I purchased it on Origin I was missing out on getting Back to Karkand for free. In the end they gave me the Physical Warfare pack and Back to Karkand! I'm pretty happy they decided to do this for me and I guess the service really isn't that bad after all.

Have you found their customer service to be good or do you still find it to be bad?

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@NekuSakuraba:  Are we talking about the live chat or what?
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@AhmadMetallic said:

@NekuSakuraba: Are we talking about the live chat or what?


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That's nice I had a terrible experience with my online pass for Tiger Woods not working, he kept posting the wrong links to me and didn't understand I already did all the troubleshooting...a couple days later I got my online pass via email.

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I have contact them a couple of times trough live chat and both times they helped me with my problem just fine, Doesn't mean some other people have had bad experiences with them.. but Hey internet LET'S BE A SHEEP AND BLOW EVERYTHING OUT OF PROPORTION.

Because hating at EA is were is at nowadays.

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@DonPixel said:

I have contact them a couple of times trough live chat and both times they helped me with my problem just fine, Doesn't mean some other people have had bad experiences with them.. but Hey internet LET'S BE A SHEEP AND BLOW EVERYTHING OUT OF PROPORTION.

Because hating at EA is were is at nowadays.

I thought it was all about hating on Activision now. :P

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I lost access to an email address so I was unable to access my old account with Bad Company 2 registered to it and when I contacted support they refused to do anything to help, I told them I could give them the CD key of BC2, credit card used for purchases, address info and yadayada but nope. The reason I couldn't access the email is because it was a MobileMe subscription that got cancelled before I was able to change emails over.

Absolutely useless. Being able to prove ownership like this is easy for most companies.

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here is a conversation i had about a game that just won't work the only one that won't work on my Alienware Desktop PC

You are now ready to chat with Vipin.
VipinThanks for contacting EA Help! My name is Vipin how may I help you?
youhi vipin i had just recently talked with a Phillip about a problem with Crysis 2 and he told to uninstall the Origin Client and then he just quit talking to me i hda complimented him on being patient with me and then nothing im upset can i please have your supervisor call me ASAP
VipinHello Taylor,
VipinCould you please share the case.
youalso i need the link to the Origin Client download please
VipinI'll do my best to figure out an answer for you.
youi dont remember i exited out of it by acident because i turned on my printer to print the conversation so im not please right now
youthen the printer hadnt been installed correctly because i had to restore a few days ago because of a virus i had or i was hack one way or another i need some help
you 08667415 here it is
youim sorry
youim frustrated
VipinNo worries, rest assure it will fix.
VipinWould you mind holding for a minute or two while I find some relevant information for you?
VipinIs it regarding the game is not working good
youi am reinstalling the client now as ordered by phillip
VipinPlease provide your e-mail address to locate your account.
youtayblew@live.com tayblew28 is my user name
VipinIs the game throw any message when you try to run it?
youand crysis 2 still doesnt have a picture on it, it just says in the middle Origin and i guarantee its not going to work
youit shows a black screen for a few seconds then windows message pops up saying crysis 2 has stopped working
youive already been through this with phillip
youi know a pretty good amount of things when i come to pc's and games maam/sir<?
VipinAnd you also attached the DXDiag files.
youyes my graphics card has nothing to do with it
younor my CPU
youdo i really have to go through this with you as well?
youim pretty upset as it is
VipinI already checked the chat conversation.
VipinI apologize for the inconvenience caused.
youits ok
youits like he didnt take me seriously
VipinIs the Origin still downloading?
youno its been done and update for minutes now
youi mean for a i3 CPU it does well for an alienware
VipinWhen was the last time you updated your graphic card
youwhen i bought this desktop pc over 2 years ago i had steam then i got some games from you guys
youmy graphics card is up to date
youtrust i keep everything up to date
VipinDriver Date/Size: 12/19/2012 16:08:04,
youhold on
VipinIt is still good.
VipinLast 6 months -
VipinSo it is not the issue with the game.
youDriver Packaging Version 9.012-121219a-151592C-ATI Catalyst Version 13.1 Provider Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. 2D Driver Version 2D Driver File Path /REGISTRY/MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Control/CLASS/{4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}/0000 Direct3D Version OpenGL Version Catalyst Control Center Version 2012.1219.1521.27485
youits the 13.1 version which is up to date
youalright one more time
youlisten please befre i ask again for your supervisor
VipinWe have a specialist team.
VipinThis team is available Monday through Friday between the hours of (8AM-10PM EST). Please call us at (1-866-543-5435), select option one, and enter your case number (CASE#08668400). When our advisor answers the phone, let him or her know you are calling about technical issue, and the advisor will get you to the proper team."
youI have Steam Client, I have Origin client, Ive had steam longer, I havent used Origin until now
youI have newer games that run except crysis 2
youwhich an older game
VipinI agree with you.
youit says you guys are closed by what im reading
youim EST
youand its 10:31
VipinI do understand this is quite annoying when all you want is to play and enjoy the game /
VipinThe expert team got more good advice which is needful for the fix.
youbut their not available now correct?
youis there a supervisor i can speak with?
VipinThe team will be available - Monday through Friday between the hours of (8AM-10PM EST)
youso what is it you guys do?
VipinWe take care of the queries which our players mention to us.
VipinBefore transferring this chat to Super Visor, could you please tell me the reason for the documentation.
youok the last i contacted you guys which was over 2 years ago and it was about a game called command and conquer the first decade the cds were and still are in mint shape but they will not play on my desktop so what you guys did back then was give me a couple of cheap games to replace my problems
youim not exactly asking for that but i have tried everything to get this darn game to work
youand nothing my desktop runs every game but crysis2
youi have resident evil 6
youit runs perfectly
youi have assassins creed 3 perfect
youdo i need to go on
yousee this is why i like Steam better i never have issuses with them they always work things out before things escalate
VipinThe system specs are more good. It appears that the game wants more authority.
VipinIs it possible to perform one last step ?
youwhats that
VipinWhich operating system are you using?
youwindows 7 and i did a compatibilty run on it
youits what i had when i got cyrsis 2
VipinI would suggest that you try running your system using the Windows clean boot option. That way you would be able to locate any program that might be interfering with the game.
VipinThe instructions for clean booting your operating system can be found at the below link: -
youi did that with phillip
youi did a registry clean up and a disk optimazation
VipinIt is clean boot step (Windows) and generally provided for game not launch or crash -
youoh i know what your talking about no worries norton 360 takes care of that as well
VipinWindows 7
youi also choose which programs i want to run at startup
youthis pc runs smooth
VipinI agree with you.
VipinSometimes one game/application would not work if it would not receive sufficient permission by the machine/system.
VipinIf you allow I could transfer this chat to the proper department with all the notes + this chat conversation?
youare you serious
youhow many people do i have to go through i mean i read a lot do you understand
youi read the yahoo news
youi also read about you guys
youso tell me what is it going to take to fix this problem how many guys does it take to change a light bulb
youi mean im glad that im able to talk to someone that represents EA/Origin because Steam doesnt have anyone but a darn message machine
youbut they never give me issuses with a game
youthis will be twice for you guys
VipinThe department which take care of these issue could provide you more correct advice.
VipinAnd rest assure it will surely fix.
youare they open?
youor available to talk to that is?
VipinThe team is available at the moment.
VipinAnd will not take much of your precious time.
youive been on here for a while i just saw that simcity was back up and running
VipinPlease stay connected us with us while I transfer this chat.
youi appreciate it
VipinI am sorry for the delay.
youits ok
VipinThe team's shift has been over. I feel sorry to provide you this information that the team is not available. Just went out.
youyou realize i can print this out this time
youim very disappointed because i asked for a supervisor before you guys closed
youim here
VipinMy bad, no Expert advisor available.
VipinI am keep on checking so it would be fix instant.
youdo you have the authority to just replace my game
youit doesnt work
VipinI am afraid I could do that.
VipinWhich game you are looking so I could add it in the notes.
youwell what can i choose from then
VipinYou could provide any game name - which was released during the same time and I could add it in the notes.
youok how about tomb raider
youis that ok
VipinLet me check of the codes are in our tools. Tomb Raider is a third party game and will not appear in Origin, hence
VipinYes, it is not in EA tools/
youso it has to be a EA game
youwhat EA games are there?
VipinSIMS 3
VipinBattlefield 2
VipinDead Space 2
VipinMass Effect
youhow about game of thrones
VipinNo codes for the game from our tool.
youbut its a ea game
VipinNot an EA game, Sir
youok i know this is a ea game kingdoms of amalur
youit says it is
VipinDeveloper(s) Cyanide
VipinPublisher(s) Focus Home Interactive
VipinTwo games:
VipinA Game of Thrones: Genesis
VipinGame of Thrones (video game)
VipinDeveloper(s) Cyanide
VipinPublisher(s) NA Atlus
VipinEU Focus Home Interactive
VipinAU Focus Home Interactive
VipinRelease date(s) NA May 15, 2012 (Retail)
VipinNA May 16, 2012 (Steam)
VipinEU June 8, 2012
VipinAU June 14, 2012
VipinAU June 21, 2012 (PC)
youok what about battlefield 3
VipinYou could place the game name- The Expert team could answer the best.
VipinIf it were possible, I would've definitely processed your request and added the game from my side.
youi dont understand
youits ea game
VipinBattlefield 3 is a EA game - yes
youthen why cant you replace it then
VipinDue to Authority as only Expert team could take this decisions.
youbut you said you could
VipinI have added the name of the game in notes.
VipinI said I could add it in the notes.
VipinTaylor, there are department assign for the queries.
youso what happens next
VipinAnd due to critical nature of this case, only Expert team could provide more good assistance.
youdo i get a call or something
VipinPlease make a call to the team - between the hours of (8AM-10PM EST)
youwhat reference number do i give them
VipinIs there any other information you would like to know?
youwill all what we have disscussed be in the notes
VipinYes, it will be.
VipinI already completed the notes.
youso i can call as soon as 10 am est time
younow ive been given three people including yourself with this problem and i dont want a run around tomorrow or this will be the last time i buy anything from Origin i mean i want to play my games not look at a black screen understood
VipinI do understand this.
VipinPlease contact the team for a fix
younow im going to print this for precautions so if your superiors dont understand tomorrow it will go viral not to be mean but for people to understand that people like me not to be stepped on
VipinThe notes are good and mention the situation.
youi appreciate it ok you have been very calm and understanding and i will make good remarks about you tomorrow ok
youVipin are you male or female so i dont make a mistake of mentioning you
VipinMale -
youok sir you have a good night
VipinThank you.
VipinIf you need help with anything else, please feel free to contact us anytime!
VipinThank you for contacting EA. I appreciate your time. Have a great day.
VipinBye Taylor, have a wonder time ahead!
youyou too
The chat session has ended. Please contact us again if you need further help.

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