EA Launches New Digital Retail Service, Makes It the Sole Way to Purchase Star Wars: The Old Republic Online

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#151 Edited by Gunharp (336 posts) -

@SithLibrarian: , @SeriouslyNow:

I'm surprised no one else has really mentioned that the store being called "Origin" is a reference to Origin Systems. It's what I thought of when I read this piece of news.

@Brendan said:

Like I said in a thread about this earlier, if I have one physical shelf for games regardless of publisher, I want one virtual shelf for all my digital games. I do not want several publishers trying to divide up my collection into different accounts with different passwords diluting the potential permanence of my collection.

I totally get why you want one virtual shelf. I gave up on that and just went to wherever the games were. Outside of Steam I have purchased digitally from Blizzard, Good Old Games, and directly from quite a few smaller developers.

EA titles on Steam don't have things like cloud saves, join session, or steam achievements. So because of that I've got no problem buying via Origin. I won't be missing out on anything in my preferred virtual store.

#152 Posted by rmanthorp (3871 posts) -

This makes me made, just use Steam... If Mass Effect 3 is exclusive to this I'mma be mad!

#153 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18955 posts) -

Oh EA.... >_>

#154 Posted by sk0ney (51 posts) -

i dont mind ea.. but jesus christ. they are investing 100's of millions of dollars into SWTOR and now they pull this shit on their audience? why make things harder for us.. just put it on steam, its what we know and PREFER.

If i have a choice between EA's Origin or a brick and mortar store... i'll choose a different game

#155 Posted by SeriouslyNow (8534 posts) -

@MrKlorox said:

@137 said:

@MrKlorox : Hopefully your computer came equipped with google so you could research and probably post proof I'm full of shit before making cool statements like "INTERNET LEGEND"....

hey look at this, proof you're a moron "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EA_Store

I'm not the fucktard who paid for something for 24 months of use. You're the one making full of shit statements, fool.

Uh dude, I think he's worried that EA could change its policies again because he was burned before. Nothing he said was 'fucktard' worthy.

Download limitations

Users were given one year from the time of purchase to download a game, but this limitation does not exist anymore. There currently is no time limitation for redownloading games through the platform. However according to EA terms of service account may be canceled after 24 month of non-use.

#156 Posted by Mortified_cow (25 posts) -

This is stupid. I can see it already. Ill use Origin to get Old Republic, and it will suck, I'll never use it again after that but it will just annoy me by existing on my PC. If I can, Ill install it to download the game and delete it right after. I won't buy Battlefield 3 through the program since no matter what exclusives they offer, valve will offer a better one. It's called "steam", that little program where i have all my friends and pretty much every other game i own on the PC in one nice neat place. EA is hurting themselves by limiting the number of retailers selling their game. No Walmart, Gamestop or Amazon, the three biggest video game retailers in the U.S. is just dumb. Plus, I prefer hard copies for my MMO's since I don't like having to download 20 gigs, Id rather install 15 then download 5.

#157 Posted by Mabui (63 posts) -

There was an earlier article about EA's CO talking about learning from mistakes.  Well, this is going to be the most expensive education you're going to receive EA.

#158 Posted by Gregomasta (1541 posts) -
@sixpin said:
The Old Republic isn't going to be on Steam then? Good job EA. Why don't you just not sale retail copies at Wal-Mart while you are at it?
@TadThuggish: Looks like we had the same thought.
Yeah, I think I may actually buy this from a big budget store.
#159 Posted by smellylettuce (117 posts) -

Question is, what sort download limitations are they going to put in place? One of the main reasons I've avoided EA's download service is because in the past, they only sell you a licence to play said game and after 2 years it expires leaving you with bupkis after. At least that was the rule back when I bought the original Mass Effect from them. I don't see myself trusting their sense of entitlement at all for the foreseeable future, at any rate.

#160 Posted by Forum_User (310 posts) -

Some of the comments here reminded me of this: 

#161 Posted by ponyslayer (164 posts) -

the game still the same just got more fierce  
                      - Slim Charles

#162 Posted by xaveri (154 posts) -

Once again these companies fail to understand the PC consumer. They think that by limiting stuff they add value to their product which is idiotic. Valve uses the simple principle of "what is bet for our customers". Granted Valve is not perfect but they certainly have a track record of openness and try to listen to the community. I wish EA good luck. The more systems like Steam out there, the better the competition. In the end I get to vote with my space bucks.

#163 Posted by forkboy (1115 posts) -

@Alex: Nice Wire reference.

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