seriously? is syndicate broken?

#1 Posted by the_r0n1n_named_47 (171 posts) -

the main reason i got this, Syndicate, is fun... but I can only play up until the 3rd mission... I can't get into the car WTF, I looked online, i asked friends, No one knows. does ANYONE at all ANYWHERE have ea replay and know how to get into a car in syndicate? specifically the one in the 3rd mission. i am sure i can figure the rest of the game out. thanks ahead of time if you do know and tell me on here.

#2 Posted by the_r0n1n_named_47 (171 posts) -

nevermind....its the select button lol i feel kinda stupid :P

#3 Posted by jakob187 (22362 posts) -

Since the new Syndicate isn't out yet, I'm going to assume you are talking about the original?

#4 Posted by alternate (2796 posts) -

It was recently re-released on GOG.

#5 Posted by the_r0n1n_named_47 (171 posts) -

yes im talking about the original....on the ea replay for psp which EA seriously fucked up the version controls for it... and good to know GOG never fails with the old school pc games

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