Reviews of EA Sports Active?

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Do you think there are ever going to be review of this game given that its main component is a 30-days training plan? So far it seems like only 1UP dared to publish a review with the reviewer being only a handful of days into that plan ;-) I'm actually really curious about that game and am even considering a Wii for it, so I'd definitely appreciate some reviews ...

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Unless it does something much better than Wii Fit, I can't see me having a lot of interest in it.  I am still interested to see how it reviews though.  The game media is notoriously anti Wii and non-games, so I won't be expecting to trust them.

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I've only seen bad reviews till now.

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@Endogene: Where? Do you have some links? So far I've seen only positive reviews (in the user reviews on GameSpot or also on GreenPixels)
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zerok said:
@Endogene: Where? Do you have some links? So far I've seen only positive reviews (in the user reviews on GameSpot ... [more]
Only one I see on Metacritic and it paints a good image.

I am happy to say that EA Sports Active finally bridges the gap between house and gym, earning it top honors as the best exercise game currently out for the Wii. 
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@zerok: One of the main regional (non English sites) ended up giving the game something like 6/10 saying that it really was something that makes you sweat (instead of being fun) and that sometimes bad motion recognition hinders the process.
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I've only put a couple of hours into the game so far (along with my girlfriend) and it seems pretty solid for what it is.

If you have other elastics lying around or any interest in making your workout more difficult, you might want to invest in some as the included elastic is very thin and offers little resistance. For most of the target audience it's probably fine, but if you do any other exercise on your own (especially weight training) you'll need something else.

It seems to offer much more variety, and many more intense workouts than Wii Fit, although it's more focused on cardio than balance, obviously. The leg strap works well enough and isn't too awkward, and if you perform the motions correctly the sensing seems accurate enough. My only gripe there is that the game is very unforgiving if you do not hold your moves, but that's probably a good habit to get into.

In terms of presentation, it's functional enough, lots of instructional videos with an overly cheerful woman, good charting (and basic quizzes involving your dietary and sleep habits), and - obviously - what you get out of it will be a result of what you put into it. As a supplement to my current exercise it's offers some variety and the little goals (hours exercised, calories burned, etc) are a neat touch.

Whether it will automatically appeal to anyone not directly interested in working out, I'm not sure, but I like what I've seen so far.

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Endogene said:
@zerok: One of the main regional (non English sites) ended up giving the game something like 6/10 saying that it ... [more]

The motion is a bit jumpy if you go through the exercises too quickly or overextend yourself (some exercises are able to sense if you do go too far, and tell you that), or don't hold them between reps.

As for sweating, the game is very much a fitness tool and not a game, and doesn't seem to try and pretend it's not. Other than stat tracking and a graphical respresentation of yourself, it's definitely geared for throwing up various ways for you to burn calories, and the 30 day challenge is a neat concept.
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Gamecentral gave it a good review. Thats enough to make sit up and take notice.

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I've now bought a Wii and this game and so far it is exactly what I expected and hoped for: A fitness tool with nice presentation and good practice-explanation.

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