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I'm pretty glad that when I played today that mostly everyone that I tried fights like themselves. I did play as Bob Sapp and he doesn't really swing how he does in real life tho. But the other people I have tried are fantastic, Diaz is spot on, Le is great.  
I played one as Hansen vs Aoki (pretty much have to ha ha) and Aoki butt scooted to me and did the scissor leg takedown. 
I haven't played with tons of guys tho, I got wrapped up in Career mode. Are you guys finding the fighters fighting like themselves? Who have you tried, who fights like them who doesn't?
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Loving the game so far. I've pretty much spent all my time in the career mode so far, but I have been trying to get the achievement for beating Fedor on the highest difficulty setting. Fedor is pretty much a bad ass like in real life. His stats may be a bit bloated though. 

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