Redesigned league for EA MMA. First event signup Dec 1-6th

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UOC has been redesigned with a new site and new system for EA MMA competition. is up wit ha new automated system that streamlines everything from the sign up process to the way  results are reported and everything else in-between.  
You can use career created fighters or insta-created fighters to compete, but there is a stat cap and rules in place to ensure fair play and no overpowered fighters.  
So what are you waiting for come join the best and test your might!!!


Create A Fighters

We believe in fairness at UndisputedOnline and are always on the lookout for new glitches/bugs etc. Due to these unlawful circumstances caps are to be placed on your fighters to keep the winner being declared by skill rather then who can exploit better.

We are allowing five stats to be placed amongst the difference categories.

Standup is to be set to 70 for Lightweight to Middleweight fighters. Light Heavy and Heavyweight fighters are allowed 75.

Besides this you can use 85 80 65 and 55 amongst the remaining categories.

Example Lightweight - Middleweight Build:
Stand Up: 70
Clinch: 65
Ground: 80
Subs: 55
Health: 85

If you use a "juiced" CAF in an UOC event the fighter with legit stats will get to choose if they want to rematch you with a legit CAF or they can take a DQ win with no rematch
In regards to Hook Spam we will be policing it. No more than 3 Hooks can be thrown in a row in a row. Mix things ups. If you think someone used hook spam against you send a video to a staff member and we´ll look over it.
Re-occurrences will have significant punishments.

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Forgot to mention: Everyone is also allowed to participate in 2 weight classes at once. You can only do 1 if you want but the option to compete in 2 is there.

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