Did EA Sports announce what the unannounced game they mentioned?

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During the Microsoft conference Peter Moore mention future games that would have kinect support. He named a few and then mad a comment that one was an unannounced title. Did they ever announce what it was?

My hopes are still that a new MVP Baseball may someday be produced, but 2K has the exclusive 3rd party license for MLB? It is supposed to run through 2012, so its not that. But what was it? I heard Tiger Woods 2013 on somewhere or NFL Blitz or Fifa Street maybe. Just curious what it was. Sorry for the weird title.

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They seemed to make it sound like it was going to be a game not announced yet but if I had a guess it would have been that downloadable NBA Jam this winter but I don't see why that would be a secret really..

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@shadows_kill: Was that not announced?

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The new game wasn't but NBA Jam On Fire Edition was.  
After a google search it came up everywhere as still "unannounced title" 

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