Has anyone else completed this game yet?

#1 Posted by Gorillawhat (1371 posts) -

Just curious, I'd like to be in the interwebik presence of someone who's beaten it on inferno, they should be considered a god.

#2 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (2916 posts) -

Havent even played it - but I'd like to.

#3 Posted by abombb (146 posts) -

I'm actually on my second playthrough on hard, and it really is a big jump from one difficulty to the next.

#4 Posted by jimb0 (147 posts) -

I've been fortunate enough to have completed this stunning game on INFERNO, but only because I have a friend that shares my passion enough to play cooperatively with me.

#5 Posted by mistervengeance (20 posts) -

i'm on level 20 something on hard mode.
with a friend i'm hoping to beat the game on inferno soon.

#6 Posted by Gorillawhat (1371 posts) -

Wow, I'm still on about level 40 ish of Normal on Co-op, it's slow going.

#7 Posted by gabha (393 posts) -

I'm 61 hours and 54 minutes into the game so far, with 7067 health, two levels remaining on hard (Final one and open mountain terrain one)

Never thought I'd play that much, since I have much better games that I've yet to even open, but I will get that inferno ach if it takes me another 60 hours.

#8 Posted by Legendtaker117 (51 posts) -

Just 4 more levels on inferno to go, then Im done.

#9 Posted by Emilio (3582 posts) -

I got easy, normal, and hard. The other two are Very Hard and Inferno, right? I have about 10 levels in Inferno done, and maybe 30 on very hard.

My friend and I used to pwn this game left and right, but its more challenging while playing solo. I'll complete it some day.

#10 Posted by Shadow (5110 posts) -

well, I just completed the solo game on inferno.  8228 health, 85 hours and some change.  So I guess I'm a god now?  Cool.

#11 Posted by Proto (34 posts) -

I've beat the game 3 times. I'm almost done my play through of the hardest difficulty and I have about 5 levels on inferno completed already.

#12 Edited by Diamond (8678 posts) -

I've done 30% on hardest and I've hit a roadblock.  It's just too difficult now on any mission I try.  I've beaten 100% on easy, normal and hard.  No matter what weapons I use, I always lose badly.  I think I can't get any further.  :/

[difficulty setting knowledge fixed]

#13 Posted by TEAMHOLT (414 posts) -

I was still working on Hardest, last I played. Just tucking and rolling up and down every level.

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