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Evil robots as tall as scyscrapers, an almost endless amount of weapons, and of course those gigantic ants from some lame horror film from like 2002. Wow! This game has it all.
When I first saw this game at my local Blockbuster I have to admit, it looked like a joke. I mean, anything with a title as random as Earth Defence Force 2017 couldn't be that great. But as you can tell from the rating I gave this game I was incredibly wrong.
Let's start off with the setting. You begin in this city that looks extremely similar to Japan, which makes sense because the creators of the game are Japanese. But this is not where all the action happens. Instead you spend a lot of the time going back and forth between random places from a beach to some underground monster infested lair.
You play as, well, the Earth Defence Force of course, and due to the game being set in the year 2017 you have all of these over-the-top high tech weapons. These range from normal weapons(machine guns, sniper rifles, etc.)to more futuristic types(i.e. an awesome mech suit for blowin' up practically anything you want). As you progress and battle through hordes of the most random enemies you will notice that you are able to unlock these weapons to use in future battles.
Every level you beat has it's own difficulty setting, like many other games, that you can adjust to your liking. You can start at easy and maybe if you're good enough work your way up to the !! INFERNO !! level. And if you are a hardcore completionist you'll love this part. There are so many levels and so many things to collect that just after beating the first twenty levels and collecting over thirty items I was only 7% done. It's fun alone, buy even better with a partner.
So hopefully after this review more people will try this hidden gem. Its a game that is definitly worth a try, and deserves its time to shine.


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