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Fantastic Co-Op Action on the 360 0

    Every so often a game comes along that punches you in the face, shoves you to the ground, and stands on your neck, all while proclaiming, "I am awesome."      Most of the time when this happens, you're left looking up from the spit-shined and polished boots of a Triple-A title from a renowned developer; a tent-pole release expected to buoy a platform through a season, or drive a big publisher's finances for a quarter.      Not this time.  Upon first loading up Earth Defense Force 2017, you'r...

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Think War of the Worlds: The Game 0

Earth Defense Force 2017 is a one player (or 2 player split screen co-op) action game developed by D3 for the Xbox 360. EDF has a history in Japan but this is the first time the series has been released over here. The basic premise is that you play as a character named Storm 1 and you are part of the Earth Defense Force, which defends the earth from the onslaught of the invading aliens known as the Ravagers. The aliens consist of giant ants, giant spiders, giant robots, and massive flying spaces...

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Fun, Pure and Simple 0

Earth Defense Force 2017 (EDF) Is quite shamelessly a budget title. But being a budget title does not make EDF a bad game, far from it, infact it almost helps it in that it keeps the game so simplistic. One of the problems with so many new games is that we're being overloaded with tons of new features, modes and just general distractions,  alot of the time simply there for the purpose of of being able to justify another bullet point on the back of the box. Whether on purpose or not, EDF doesn't ...

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War Of The Worlds got nothing on EDF! 0

While it might not be the most visually stunning 'next-gen' title, EDF offers an experience similar to older skill based shooters. The visuals have a cheesy charm which parallel its low-budget cinematic counterparts. Couple this with equally cheesy dialog and you're in B-Movie wonderland!You play a solider in a typical military squad, and your job is to shoot stuff dead. You'll face giant ants (ala the movie 'Them') giant robots ('War Of The Worlds') and giant dino-mech things (Woo! Godzilla!). ...

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EDF 2017 Is An Action Packed 3rd Person Shooter From Japan 0

Fun has always been the quarter-stone of old-school shooters, not graphics or anything else you will find in current day titles, just pure unprecedented fun, and that’s exactly what you get in Earth Defence Force 2017, huge enemies, huge explosions and huge amounts of fun, plain and simple. Sometimes too simple for its own good however, EDF is something of an acquired taste, while it does have a budget price (and budget restrictions for that matter), the game still might not apply to everyone, b...

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Great Pointless Fun 0

Earth Defense Force: 2017 is a third person arcade shooter that is hilariously bad. It's so bad that its fun. It's best played co-op with a good friend that just want to have a laugh. It's an easy game to play, with a ton of unlockable guns to use. But, once you beat it, you probably wont play it again... it's fun while it lasts! :p...

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Who Knew A Budge Title Could Be So Awesome 0

Is this game good because of it's graphics? No. How about it's controls? No. Story? No.What does make this game good is the simple yet surprisingly addictive gameplay. Just the constant barrage of creatures, robots, and ships ever stacking the odds against you. When ever you survive it feels like you actually accomplished something. It's also great to relish in the gameyness of this game. It makes no apologizes for being nothing more than a simple objective with a single means to complete it, wi...

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A Blast to Play 0

In Earth Defence Force 2017, you blow up thousands of giant bugs, mechs, and space ships. Need I say more?You start off with a limited range of weapons, but you end up unlocking many more throughout the campaign. The missions can be a little repetitive, but you can't complain that blowing up aliens is no fun. As the story progresses, you encounter bigger and bigger baddies and you continue to blow them up with rocket launchers, machine guns, sniper rifles, and countless other weapons. It may not...

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Great game to waste a few hours playing with a friend 0

When I first starting playing this game, I didn't have extremely high hopes for it. I only paid $40 for a brand new 'next-gen' game. As I went through the levels in single player, my feel for the game grew, and I started to really like it. The game really started to take off when my friend came over and we played. Earth Defense Force 2017 is AWESOME in co-op. Not saying on level with Gears of War when it comes to co-op, but, still, wow. When we finally put the game down that night, it was around...

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Who-da-thun-kin?!? 0

Evil robots as tall as scyscrapers, an almost endless amount of weapons, and of course those gigantic ants from some lame horror film from like 2002. Wow! This game has it all. When I first saw this game at my local Blockbuster I have to admit, it looked like a joke. I mean, anything with a title as random as Earth Defence Force 2017 couldn't be that great. But as you can tell from the rating I gave this game I was incredibly wrong.Let's start off with the setting. You begin in this city that lo...

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Earth Defence Force 2017 0

Earth Defence Force his a game that was ported to the Xbox 360 from Japan which may explain why everything is huge in this game.Earth Defence Force puts you in the shoes of a man who ..doesn't have a name an no backstory  you are just a guy with a red vest and a gun and this voice in your head says "ALIENS ..assemble EDF" (EDF= Earth Defence Force)The game overall is ok  the mission are plenty and you are in for about 30 hours of gameplay (on the hardest difficulty) the unique things this game d...

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Let's be honest. As much as I love this game, I can't in good conscience give it 5 stars. Not because it hasn't provided me with unparalleled joy, but because even with a completely subjective review you just can't say this is a perfect game. I can't, for instance, even imagine playing it by myself. But that's the beauty of the game. It provides that giddily enjoyable co-op experience that you just don't get in modern gaming anymore. And by co-op I mean playing with another breathing human being...

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