Earth Defense Force 4 announced

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so, after the disappointment that was Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (save for the Inferno ending), they've gone ahead and announced Earth Defense Force 4 for them Japanese folk for PS3 and 360 with online co-op. it's by Sandlot, the dudes who made EDF2017, and pretty much every other EDF game except EDF:IA. thank god for that.

anyway. i'm crossing my fingers that this game comes to North America because i absolutely adored EDF2017 and EDF:IA was fun for a bit before i realized how boring it actually was.

edit: oops. it looks like this was announced a year ago and it's only being detailed now. nice going, me. well.. there ya go! online co-op. could somebody also attach this to the EDF4 page please?

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Hmm... hope this one is good. The second one was underwhelming.

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Really, all I needed was online, 4 players, and more enemy types. And possibly more varied levels, but thats a mute point when every building is just flattened within a few minutes anyways.

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why does it say earth defense forces on that image?

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Glad to see Sandlot back at the helm.

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I liked insect Armageddon but there wasn't enough enemy variety and it got boring after a while. Especially fighting those giant mechs that take like ten minutes to kill.

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Insect Armageddon was a real disappointment, looking forward to this now though!

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As long as it doesn't turnout like that boring shit fest Insect armageddon, then its all good.

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Excellent! EDF 2017 was a real unexpected gem and one of my favorite games of this generation. Sadly, I'm part of the crowd that wasn't a fan of IA, I think it just lacked the scale 2017 had which really took away a lot of the magic. Hopefully with Sandlot behind this, it'll be back to the good old days of you, a rocket launcher, and 1000 giant red ants!

I just hope this has another level where you get to fight off an invasion of giant robots rising up from the sea. That was totally the best level in 2017.

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Just gimme giant laser walker fortresses and an even more impossible mothership.

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Images all up ins.

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I only played Insect Armageddon and that game.....wasn't very good.

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To be honest I'm a little surprised they can manage to keep this series going like this, but more power to them I guess.

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its everything i wanted EDF 2017 HD with four player coop :D

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Holy crap I loved ED2017. More please.

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*cricket noises*

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@guided_by_tigers: You didn't play the right one. EDF:IA was done by Vicious Cycle Software out of North Carolina and was kind of atrocious without any of the Japanese weirdness that came with EDF 2017. 2025 looks to be coming out of Japan again, which can only be a good thing. If you have a 360 or a Vita, I would HIGHLY recommend grabbing EDF2017, which is the far superior game.

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I got so excited when I saw this thread since I thought they had finally revealed a US release date. Now I'm sad again.

And @krakn3dfx is correct. EDF 2017 is way better than the bland and soulless EDF: IA. Really looking forward to rocking a Lancer in EDF 2025.

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It looks like from the video that krakn3dfx posted, that it's going to release on the 4th of July in Japan. The price is 6,980 Yen, so approximately 70-75 $. Doesn't look like it's going to be a budget priced game unfortunately.

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@skwire: Amazon is listing the normal price as $49.99 US, and a current sale price of $43.19.

I guess $50 is the new budget price these days.

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