Three new Earth Defense Force games announced

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Thought Insect Armageddon was gonna be the next mainline game in the Earth Defense Force series? Well, apparently D3 didn't have enough faith in Vicious Cycle to deliver a solid sequel as it's now been degraded to spin-off status. Today D3 announced 3 new games in the EDF series -- EDF4, the next true sequel in the EDF series; a PSP port of EDF2 (known as Global Defence Force on PS2 to us Europeans); as well as a mobile phone game called EDF Legend. ( Source)
Anyone excited for any of these games? I'm definitely looking forward to EDF4 myself and even though I've already played through EDF2 I might pick up the PSP port as well.

#2 Posted by MoonlightMoth (545 posts) -

EDF4 is probably the one I'm most interested in (no PSP you see). I played a bit of GDF a while ago and enjoyed that a lot so hopefully it'll be something to look forward to. I hope they keep the budget price though.

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Y'know what? EDF didn't seem like it would really be my thing, but playing it through with a buddy was friggin AWESOME.
I'd love to see more from these games

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