Out tomorrow!

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The street date got bumped to the 2nd. Can't wait to play the fuck out of this...

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Gonna go pick it up in a few minutes! Cannot wait to pop it in.

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I definitely don't need this game at the moment but it's pretty exciting to see an unannounced early release date.

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I picked up my early copy from GameStop today and have put in a little bit of time, finishing the first 5 missions. After the first mission I was really disappointed in the lower number of enemies. After the second my excitement was rising. Now that I've finished 5 missions (just downed the daddy long legs) I'm really enjoying myself.

I'm playing on Normal mode, assuming that the Hard and Inferno are like the last one where you come back around to play them after finishing. There is also the locked "Campaign Remix" mode will switch up which enemies spawn in the waves, so you can play through it again and things are different.

I've tried all 4 armors and they all are interesting. Time will tell which one I focus on, and it seems like you almost have to focus on one or two since you are now leveling them up. Haven't really gotten any good weapons yet. Not sure I like their buying upgrade path instead of all random drops, but at least robots still drop the occasional random weapon crate.

Some things I've noticed so far that are as good or better than 2017:

  • your AI companions actually make kills
  • companions can revive you if you die, and vice versa
  • active reload on the weapons for a chance to reload in half the time
  • most of the voicework is nice and appropriately cheesey
  • the graphics are definitely superior
  • achievements aren't brutally stupid ;)
  • the vehicles are much easier to control and more useful[/li]

And some things that I don't like so far:

  • the map screen doesn't always show enemies, it blips only every few seconds
  • small enemies like the ticks suck (no pun intended)
  • faster moving giant robots keep running away from me so I can't shoot their red parts
  • sometimes seems harder to pick out enemies from the terrain and buildings
  • I miss picking up tons of dropped weapons, health, armor, etc
  • the things that do drop are much harder to see than the old icons
  • the active reload timing sometimes seems suspect, I think I got it right but it just keeps slowly loading
  • a couple of the companion voices are really terrible (like the stereotypical black guy)
  • ants sometimes seem to come from nowhere or right out of the ground with no hole
  • invisible walls - I don't think I ever saw them in 2017 and have already seen them multiple times here
  • the gun names - dumb and nondescriptive
  • early weapons are weak
  • something about it seems more chaotic than the last one, as if I'm never quite sure where I should be shooting
  • the enemies disappear too quickly so you don't get the funny bouncing ants from a big explosion
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@EngineNo9 said:

And some things that I don't like so far:

  • the map screen doesn't always show enemies, it blips only every few seconds
One of the classes (Tactical armor) has an always-on rader. They just made it into a perk. All you need is to get one of your friends (or you yourself), and your entire crew gets full radar as long as the non tactical armors are within range.
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Picked it up yesterday if anyone wants to play,

Horseman VI on Xbox live.

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