Earth (location) page needs clean-up

#1 Posted by Jeff (5282 posts) -

The page for Earth should only be linked to games that treat Earth as an actual location, like Mass Effect or Gyruss. Games that just happen to take place on Earth (Call of Duty: World at War, for example) shouldn't be attached to this page.

#2 Posted by MetalGearSunny (7465 posts) -

Doing some cleaning up, Jeff?

#3 Posted by Superchris129 (414 posts) -

Quit spamming the forums! Go back to Gamespot! sheesh...

#4 Edited by Endogene (5183 posts) -

You have no idea how much i dislike this page.

#5 Posted by Lies (3985 posts) -

In Mass Effect you can't even actually visit Earth though, it's just mentioned. Do things like that merit inclusion on the page?

#6 Posted by LordAndrew (14588 posts) -

I haven't looked at or attached Earth to anything in a long time. This page is dead to me.

#7 Posted by dsplayer1010 (2331 posts) -
Superchris129 said:
"Quit spamming the forums! Go back to Gamespot! sheesh..."
What're you talking about?
#8 Posted by CL60 (17120 posts) -

I love that page!

#9 Posted by TwoOneFive (9787 posts) -

lol thats actually pretty funny. there was probably a ridiculous amount of games on that list

#10 Posted by Godwind (2926 posts) -

Some games seem to be just including games based on the series.  Games like Armored Core 2 and Doom occurred on Mars, not earth.

#11 Posted by Dalai (7773 posts) -

I think a complete overhaul is needed.

#12 Posted by MattyFTM (14605 posts) -

I noticed this a while ago. I was going to try and clean it up, but decided I didn't really know enough to do it. I was going to post on the forums to get some help in doing it, but it completely slipped my mind. It definitely need cleaning up. GO POWER RANGERS!!!!!!!!!

#13 Posted by StarFoxA (5257 posts) -

Hey, I'm busy writing articles for the likes of Rhyme Rider Kerorican, Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti, and right now I'm working on Guilty Gear Petit.

#14 Posted by BoG (5388 posts) -

So, should we only count those games where you are made aware of your presence on planet Earth? I'm thinking it should be used as a sci-fi concept.

#15 Posted by Scooper (7920 posts) -
StarFoxA said:
"Guilty Gear Petit."
That's my new grunge-techno-house-slap bass band
#16 Posted by LordAndrew (14588 posts) -

OK. I just removed a number of games, but it's definitely not finished yet. I did manage to eliminate some of the games that take place exclusively on Earth and games where it's not clear what planet they're set on.

#17 Posted by Edgar (211 posts) -
"Earth is a location that has appeared in -685 games."
#18 Posted by LordAndrew (14588 posts) -

Yeah, as I've said on several occasions, I think these game counts should be recalculated site-wide. Once they go out of sync, there's not much else you can do about that.

#19 Posted by mracoon (5084 posts) -

I cleaned up the page a bit by taking out the really obvious ones which just take place in Earth and is not used like a proper location like Moto GP 08 and NBA 07 which really don't belong there.

#20 Posted by Dustpan (1781 posts) -
@Lies said:
" In Mass Effect you can't even actually visit Earth though, it's just mentioned. Do things like that merit inclusion on the page? "
Earth is in the game, you just can't land on it.

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