I hate games that don't take place on Earth.

#1 Posted by John (847 posts) -

And I have no idea why that is tho. Marvel Ult. Alliance for example has way to many levels of the game that take place far away from earth, I hated that, for some reason. This goes for movies too.


ps: I also don't go well with games that take it the other way around, like Jorney to the Center of the Earth for the DS... that's just overkill.

#2 Posted by Crimacabre (53 posts) -

Yo, earth owns every other planet. Mars is alright i suppose, they just haven't done it right yet.

#3 Posted by orshick (187 posts) -

HAHA. The Core was a dumb movie.

#4 Posted by OGCartman (4330 posts) -

It was just on the colbert report lol

Na i like space

#5 Posted by orshick (187 posts) -

Yeah, space is dope.

#6 Posted by Megalon (1457 posts) -

Well, what about alternate reality/parallel universe Earth? Marvel is pretty famous for that...

Also, always glad to see other people agree: the Core was a horrible horrible movie. I had a geology class in college where we watched it and had a quiz on what was wrong with it.

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