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Earthworm Jim 2 takes place right after the first game with our favorite worm hero, Earthworm Jim! He is once again caught up in another adventure as his old foe, Psycrow has taken interest in Jim's love interest, Princess What's Her Name. It's up to Jim to stop his enemies yet again in order to save his love, or in any other case, become the hero and save the day (again). But this time, Jim is not alone as his best friend Snot (a booger) joins him on his quest by making Jim stick to certain parts of any level and swing him into action. Along with his trusty Plasma Gun and a new Manta Shield, Jim must traverse into strange new levels and stop Psycrow before it's too late!


Earthworm Jim 2 has the same basic controls as the first game but with a few extra features added in. One of the first few things is that Jim does have a new friend called Snot and he can use him as a grapple like hook to get to some extra parts of the level. But in order to use Snot, make sure to find green spots on top of certain areas in the level. Replacing Jim's copter from the last game, Jim can use Snot to float down to other areas in order to catch himself.

There is also some added items for Jim to collect and other weapons in this game. Jim can now collect Can O' Worms this time around by going into hidden areas in the level as well as collect health that goes up to 200%. Also as an added bonus, Jim can now collect Flags so that if you do collect all three flags in a given level, you unlock a password so that you can enter the level again.


With the age of technology upon us, Jim now must travel to new, strange and often times, creepy, levels in order to get to Psycrow and save his love. But Jim must face many dangers in his path of justice and a hero has to start somewhere in the game and nowhere involves the beginning of any game then with pigs.

Anything but Tangerines

The start of Jim's crazy adventure begins in a distant planet of some kind where he encounters one of his foes, Bob the Goldfish and Number 4, his trusty cat friend with muscles the size of a few planets. Jim must use pigs in this level in order to bypass the many traps and falling grandmas in order to face Bob and defeat him in an epic battle of wits (or in this case, Bon's wits vs. Jim's small I.Q.).

Lorenzo's Soil/Lorenzen's Soil

Depending on what version of EWJ 2 you have, you might get a different name for this level in the game. Jim is deep underground and has a drill laser gun with unlimited ammo to get out of the dirt. However, he must collect clocks in order to stay alive. By the time you reach the end of this crazy place, Jim must face Pedro Pupa, a larvae on a unicycle in order to move on on his journey.

Puppy Love Parts I, II and III

Throughout the game, Jim must stop and ponder what he has to do in life but Psycrow has other plans by kidnapping the nephew's of Peter Puppy, Jim's best friend with anger management issues like no other. Using a giant marshmallow (where he found it, I don't know) and bounce the puppies back into Peter's home. Psycrow will throw in a bomb in there as well so make sure Jim can manage to get it to Peter. But don't drop any puppies, you really don't want to see Peter that mad and tear Jim's head of his super suit.

The Villi People

Jim's Now a Blind Cave Salamander!: As the title says, Jim has become a blind cave salamander and this level just gets the vote for making it the most interesting and weird level in an Earthworm Jim game. Just throw in a chance to be on a game show to actually get some prizes and this level has it all. Well, actually, it really does have a game show towards the end of the level and the questions are just plain weird and doesn't make any sense but hey, this is an Earthworm Jim game.

The Flyin King

Looks like Major Mucus hasn't learned his lesson since he and Jim fought in the first game and now he is back and greener then ever. Jim rides his trusty rocket and must move a bomb from one side of the level to the Major himself but it is no easy task when you got ships and people coming at you. Jim must be careful for if that bomb explodes at any time, he must go back to the beginning and do it all over again.

Udderly Abducted

Well, as the title suggests, aliens are trying to take all the cows on the planet and it looks like Jim has to stop them. The only way for Jim to even go past a checkpoint in the game is to literally pick up one of the many cows and milk them to get the checkpoint gate open. But you can't level them for too long however cause if you do, the aliens will take them away. And to make matters worse for Jim, some cows are bombs and you must soak them with water before taking them to a checkpoint. Jim isn't getting any love around here, that's for sure.

Inflated Head

Looks like our favorite evil cat has returned from Heck to bring Jim some pain. Evil the Cat runs the Carnival of Scars and will stop at nothing to defeat Jim. Jim uses the power of hot air to inflate his head to go high into the level and reach the end. Jim must dodge many neon lights and light bulbs or he will be sent down a few levels or even towards the beginning of the level again.


By the time Jim reaches this level, he really wants this adventure to end. Jim must traverse into the world of the office worker and jumping filling cabinets in order to pass the level. Jim must always go into paper shredders to progress in the level. And did i mention that towards the end, you must stop and trap a running door in order to move on in the game? Yup, nothing like that in any game you know huh?

Level Ate

This is by far a level most people might not want to stay forever. As the name suggests, Jim must traverse in the world of food and a never ending salt shaker floating in the air and dropping salt you. Lucky you, you run into some running snails to prevent yourself from getting hurt like crazy. But once you get to the end, you must face Flamin' Yawn on a giant pizza box. Yup, only Jim can have these kinds of adventures.

See Jim Run, Run Jim Run

This is it. Jim finally made it towards the end of the game and now must face Psycrow in an epic battle of foot racing? Sure enough, a race towards the end of the level is the goal and Jim must beat Psycrow in a race in order to get the hand of the Princess. Jim must destroy many traps and hope to stay ahead from his foe or Jim's adventure might end on this dangerous trip.

Game Boy Advance Version

While Earthworm Jim 2 had many critics loving the game, a few scratched their heads in confusion and anger when they released the game on the Game Boy Advance/game-boy-advance/60-4/, which contained many problems from the original game. Instead of having a great game for the portable system, you get a game that wasn't even tested right and a very buggy game, many saying that it is the worst game to ever be ported in the Earthworm Jim series (and that says a lot considering how well Earthworm Jim 3D was received).

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