any one else haveing these faults with this ?

#1 Posted by lord_canti (1656 posts) -

ive had this game rented 2 days now and so far ive had

6 game lock ups
10 gun glitches (eg holding gun normaly but the is faceing directly upwards but still fireing in correct direction)
1 case of falling through the floor on the squid boss to the sea  where you cant die and when i restart to last save sends me to the beginning of the level then saving *anger*

is any one else haveing these problems (if any one else is playing this at all lol) or is my disk messed up. if it is a wide spread thing this is redicules its compleately broken  and i cant beleve it was relesed in this state 

#2 Posted by ArchScabby (5877 posts) -

well I got this today from gamefly and it's already locked up twice at the beginning of the second level in the butcher shop.

#3 Posted by lord_canti (1656 posts) -

lol that was where the problems started with me lol, dont hit more than 2 fire extinguishers at any one time  ive found that kills it every time wich is annoying when ure going for the  achevement for shooting them lol XD i actualy think these errors are in place to stop you from getting all of them lol

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