Lets talk about this game

#1 Posted by oraknabo (1567 posts) -

I don't know anything about this publisher or the developer, Vicious Cycle, so I don't have very high expectations on game quality, but it looks like they've hired some pretty funny writers and voice actors.

For those that don't know, this a game about a fictional Duke Nukem-like character that had successful titles in the NES/SNES/Genesis era like "The Adventures of Matt in Hazard Land", "Matt and Dexter in Murder Force" and "Conflict of the Deities" based on everything from Contra to Altered Beast. Hazard is out of work and trying to get his publisher to revive his franchise for the new gen, but when he finally gets the hardcore third-person game he wants, someone starts messing with the code mid-level, throwing in zombies and cowboys and changing the environments. The whole thing works as a parody of the whole industry and history of gaming as well as the more popular titles out now.

I like a good funny game, but this kind of insular nerd humor can fall flat pretty quickly and will probably have a hard time sustaining itself for a whole game. If it just plays it safe with stuff like rippping on Master Chief with a character named Master Chef, I can see myself groaning through this one, but if it can come off as over the top as something like God Hand, I could see myself loving this game.

#2 Posted by LordAndrew (14588 posts) -

Yeah, if they can pull off, it should be pretty cool. Let's hope that they do.

#3 Posted by jakob187 (22313 posts) -

You mean "let's talk about how to make a generic game with too much hype"?

Yes, let's.
#4 Posted by oraknabo (1567 posts) -

Your open mindedness and positivity are truly a breath of fresh air in the gaming community.
You are an inspiration to us all.

#5 Posted by nick_verissimo (1437 posts) -

judging from the way this game looks to be marketing itself, it doesn't seem that the gameplay will be all that great, but the actually story component seems kinda interesting.  if the bards tale can pull it off, which i think it did, than so could this game.

#6 Posted by TheLawnWrangler (1738 posts) -

I have high hopes for the game based on it's story. It seems very interesting to me. Ima keep meh eye on this one XD

#7 Posted by GalvanizedNails (621 posts) -

I remember this game because its the last big article that I wrote to get 5000 points and then won that Zune =D It sounds like a very fresh and new idea though, I just hope the gameplay doesnt suck, while the story is great.

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