OK, Matt Hazard. You Win.

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#51 Posted by meegs6sic6 (24 posts) -

I'm really looking forward to this it looks strange enough and clever enough to be an interesting experience

The gameplay I've seen on gametrailers.com has intrigued me also

#52 Posted by F1 (334 posts) -

This game went on my wishlist right after I saw the trailer.
It's gonna be great!
I hope the gameplay is good or I might have to wait until it's like $20 or $30!

#53 Posted by needforswede (516 posts) -

I was interested in this from the start, I love the idea of a self-aware game.  Fuck the fourth wall

#54 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

The JRPG hero fight trailer made me want to play it, haha

#55 Posted by darianw (44 posts) -

Nice - an achievement for pausing the game, it's about time. :P

I always watch the credits on the games I finish. It's a nice wrap up of the accomplishment, and often times has some neat goodies in it to watch.

#56 Posted by ValiantGoat (383 posts) -

I was on board at "Matt Hazard", just such an awesome sounding name(in a good and bad way). The achievements seem pretty standard for the most part, but the names are fairly clever. Ohh and it's sweet to see a link to x360a, such a great site.

#57 Posted by TheHBK (5663 posts) -

If it were any other game, these achievements would get laughed at and ridiculed, how do you give so many points, or any points, for starting a game a pausing.  I guess its part of their humor, but i hope more achievements are funnier, like doing stupid things.  Pause your game for 5 minutes.

#58 Posted by Duckbutter (387 posts) -

looks good for a rent. i don't condone selling a game for $60 with sorry Wii-lookin graphics. it ain't fair to folks like Hideo Kojima's team who squeeze so much time and effort with 50 gigs of content and stuff. yet sell MGS4 for the same price. maybe if i had more stock in achievement points i'd be into it. the day of playin a Doritos game for achievements or trophies has long passed though. too many good games out to care. The Simpsons Game is obviously the same game as Matt Hazard. funny as hell for the time you and your cousin rented and beat it within your Gamefly or Blockbuster alotted time frame.

#59 Posted by Contra (252 posts) -

I would also like the credits to be hard gameplay and it to be a challenge to play it.

But I want the stupidness to go further, and reference more stuff.

Grenade jump.  We don't know if its in there; but if its self referential to FPS's I think there should be something for doing one; especially if the game never tells you about it. 
But I want more game references and achievements.  But maybe thats because I just want to be recognised that I got the references.

I like this game more and more everytime I see it

#60 Posted by Dryker (581 posts) -

This game gives me a Serious Sam impression... and those games were awesome. In an awesomely over-the-top way. If it's utterly ridiculous, I'll find it hard to stay away.

#61 Posted by Civraz (406 posts) -

Definately worth a rental

#62 Posted by MacGyver (290 posts) -

Will Arnett? Neil Patrick Harris? what a weird casting for a video game

#63 Posted by gunswordfist (583 posts) -

At first I thought you gained achievement points just for starting the game and then it looked like it had a minus next to it so I thought you lost points for starting up the game and watching all of the credits which I of course found HYSTERICAL! Then you cleared that up.

#64 Edited by SpikeDelight (764 posts) -

This game jumped out at me ever since I saw the gameplay footage where he fights 'RPG' and he complains about, "How many hours of gamers' time have you wasted making them read these damn elipses!?" Everything in that piece of GameTrailers footage was hilarious and completely in touch with what gamers feel that I knew this game would be special.

I don't know that it will be rock-solid as a shooter, but I think it'll be like The Simpsons Game, where the gameplay is serviceable but it's really just a means to tell more jokes, and that's fine with me!
#65 Posted by Tofford (711 posts) -

I can see this game being hilarious but gameplay wise very average but if it really does something new and interesting im sold.

#66 Posted by Sekoku (106 posts) -

It sounds so stupid and pop-cultured filled it just might work. I had no interest in this game until I read the achievements and saw the "Behind the Music/Game" spoof of Matt Hazard, now I can't wait until March to rent it and play it.

#67 Posted by ZombiePie (6203 posts) -

Oh jeez I just realized that this game is just a shameless Postal clone, I officially am no longer interested in this game.

#68 Edited by fox01313 (5175 posts) -

So far after playing through the first couple levels (renting it from Gamefly), I'd have to say that this is a highly recommended rental. I wouldn't tell anyone to pay more than $20 for it & I can't agree with Jeff more on the gameplay being rather dull after a while. The only redeeming feature on the game is all the winks & jabs that it takes to some of the game cliches. I found myself trudging through the combat to just see some of the boss fights & humor in the game. Of course naturally the 360 froze in the battle with the killer stripper robots, cowboys & commie rat bastards; I was thinking it was part of the game for a second & waiting to see what was going to happen next before hitting the guide button to find that progress in the level was dead so that moment of humor disappeared quickly. I don't see myself playing this for more than one play through unless there's some achievement that I could easily get.  Give it a try past the demo, it looks like a quick game.

EDIT: after finishing the game off I found many moments, esp the boss fights where the checkpoint save left me with next to no ammo so it was a lot of tries on them to get ammo first as one gun was usually dead at that point. Loved the multiplayer mode in the game & thought that the voice comments in this part of the game were excessively funny to me (a student working on game art & design degree). Big tip for ppl not yet playing this but want to, look at the achievements on the 360 achievement sites, there are some that are quite easy but tough to find out about without looking at a list. There are a few secret ones not listed on GiantBomb but knowing what to do when you hit the level will let you not have to replay the levels to get them. Easy 500+ points with one game play & the game is really short to get through it once.

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