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Funny Enough To Overcome Problems

 In one of the more original ideas, D3 publishes a game with a starring character who comes with his own back story. Matt was a long-time action game star throughout the 80's who made some poor games in the 90's (a kart racer killed his career) and is trying to launch a comeback. However, the developers aren't fans and are trying to kill him.

Eat Lead is not a great game ... but it IS one of the funniest games made in years. Will Arnett did an amazing job as the lead character, a rather jaded action hero who is a bit hurt that nobody likes his irksome catchphrases. The game is a tedious third-person shooter with a janky cover mechanic and a character's head who has an annoying habit of blocking your view while shooting. The environments are amongst the worst I've seen, just thoroughly bland vistas of nothing. There are also a ton of enemies, but they have few differences between the two. In terms of play, it's tedious...

That being said, the writing is top-notch. It is a genuinely funny affair. You have to kill a boss three times and your character mentions how ridiculous it is ("Didn't I ALREADY kill you...twice?"). You request your AI assistant to simplify the goals you are pursuing...and she simplifies it down to "Shoot anything that moves" from about 7 or 8 bullet points. The Achievements/Trophies are also funny. When you defeat a Final Fantasy rip-off (who only speaks in text bubbles, and it also gets mentioned by Matt as being idiotic), you get an Achievement/Trophy for Talk with the text "What do you mean the interrogation feature was cut? Here...just take this". I appreciate the humor of just giving our awards because the game claimed features were cut.

It's not a game you'll love to play...but it's a game you might well enjoy watching and listening.

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