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Eat Lead - Review

Eat Lead is one of those games that flew under the radar of most peoples "games for 2009" list. I for one didn't even realise it was due for release. So I popped it into my 360 and had a look, what I found was a fun game that made me laugh throughout the entire campaign.

Eat Lead is a story about Matt Hazard, a "retro gaming hero of 25 years" that is back after a 6 year break from making games. This is Matt's first next gen game but there is a twist. The CEO of the gaming company has completely taken over the game world and is manipulating it on the fly trying to get you killed. It's a great idea that works well. So instead of fighting new enemies in this 'next gen' game you will be facing old enemies from your 25 year carrier in video games.

It's actually very funny when you have to fight 8 bit sprites and enemies that use water pistols as weapens from a game you did 10 years ago titled "get soaked".

Eat Lead pokes fun at all gaming genres including Mario, WOW, JAP RPG and Wolfenstein.

The gameplay is simple and also a lot of fun. The CEO is out to get you so he will mix things up mid level to through you off, I found this very entertaining.

The graphics in Eat Lead are good with some nice touches on character models in particular. The music does not hold up as well.

If your a fan of Duke Nuke'Em then you will have a blast with Eat Lead. I finished the game in around 7.5 hours so its not that long, however those 7.5 hours were a lot of fun.
Gameplay = 6.5
Visuals = 7.5
Sound = 6
Game Now Score = 6.6/10

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