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EcoQuest was one of the last "Quest" series games developed by Sierra Entertainment. It continued the "point and click" adventure excellence that brought the company to prominence in the early 1990's. Bill Davis, the VP of Creative Development at Sierra, was credited with the initial concept of the adventure game with an ecologically responsible message, but it was Jane Jansen and Gano Haynes who directed the game's game design.

EcoQuest's main protagonist is a 10-year old boy named Adam. Adam's dad is an ecologist who finds a sick dolphin near their home. Adam takes it upon himself to help nurse the dolphin back to health. One day his labor pays off, as the dolphin begins to speak to Adam. Adam finds out that the dolphin's name is "Delphineus" and he needs help saving King Cetus from a vile manta ray named Flesh Eater. Adam decides to leave the house to help Delphineus, but first he must enter the code to the security door to leave the room (this was a very common form of copy protection in the 90's and the code was contained inside the game's instruction manual). Along his jouney, Adam must solve various puzzles, meet and assist new animals, and try to atone for the sins of man.

EcoQuest contained some of the best graphics of it's era. The aquatic life and foliage (complete with vibrant colors) pushed the VGA monitors to the limits when it was released. Although the dialogue was mainly test-based, the floppy disk version did include some dolphin, ocean, and boat sounds.

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