Ed Boon has sweet-ass eyebrows

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There is nothing to duscuss! Because we know that's a fact. heh

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Rich's eyebrow is cooler.

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No one will ever touch these brows'

Rich's right brow FTW!

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His eyebrows aren't nice. He's just a bushy mah-fugga.

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Xeno said:
"His eyebrows aren't nice. He's just a bushy mah-fugga."
Way to miss the joke.
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"Ed Boon has sweet ass-eyebrows" would have been a way more provocative title. 

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DualReaver said:
"DualReaver said:
"Way to miss the joke."
There was a joke? 'CAUSE I AIN'T LAUGHING.
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How does one go about growing ass eyebrows?

#11 Posted by Xeno (130 posts) -

You need a face on your ass first.

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they almost rival the might of john howard
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Ed always reminded me of Sylar from Heroes for some weird reason. I've seen his eyebrows in real life too. 
Not Sylar's.

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